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The Columbus Poltergeist Case | What Happened to Tina Resch?

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It’s clear we live in a world full of mysteries. Every corner surprises us with unbelievable occurrences. The unexplained mysteries that occupy human minds ignite our curiosity and imagination.

The Columbus Poltergeist Case It’s clear we live in a world full of mysteries. Every corner surprises us with unbelievable occurrences. The unexplained mysteries that occupy human minds ignite our curiosity and imagination. These mysterious events on Earth transport us beyond the boundaries of reality, leading us into an entirely different universe.

In the realm of mysterious events, there have been instances in history where some families’ lives transformed from normalcy into a disturbing chaos filled with eerie and unsettling experiences. These families claimed to have been haunted by metaphysical entities. Ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, and many other supernatural beings were said to cause these families the events that left them in fear and amazement.

In this piece, we aim to explore behind the curtains of these mysterious events and invite our readers into this mystical world. If you’re ready, let’s embark on this enigmatic journey beyond reality’s limits and step into a world filled with unforgettable tales. In our new series, you’ll bear witness to the stories of families haunted by metaphysical entities…

In this segment, we’ll discuss the case also known as the Columbus Poltergeist, which centers around the experiences of a girl named Tina Resch.

The Tina Resch incident is a poltergeist event that took place in California, USA, in the late 1980s. (A poltergeist is an invisible metaphysical entity responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises, moving or destroyed objects.)

At the heart of this event was a 15-year-old girl named Tina Resch. Strange and inexplicable occurrences began happening around Tina.

Among the phenomena witnessed around Tina Resch were moving objects, exploding bulbs, shaking furniture, and mysterious symbols suddenly appearing on walls. These events predominantly took place in the Resch family home.

The incidents were observed and recorded by Tina Resch’s family. A photo captured by photographer Fred Shannon, which showed a phone suspended in mid-air, garnered massive media attention, leading many to flock to the residence. Subsequently, parapsychologist William Roll began staying at the house with Resch, suggesting that real paranormal activities were occurring. However, Tina was always the initial witness to these events, calling the household members afterward. This meant that William Roll never directly witnessed any paranormal activities. Paranormal investigator James Randi, who believed the situation was a hoax, was never allowed inside the house.

Later on, a visiting TV crew inadvertently left a video camera on, capturing footage of Tina intentionally knocking over a table lamp and then screaming as if startled. This led to speculation that the entire event might have been a hoax or an attempt to gain attention.

When confronted with the footage, Tina claimed she did it to get the reporters to leave, admitting she was “just messing around” and was exhausted: “I was tired and angry. I did it so the reporters would get their shot and leave,” she said, implying the long hours the reporters spent in the house trying to capture footage had worn her down.

Furthermore, another individual from the same TV channel that caught Tina tipping the lamp claimed they witnessed three kitchen chairs suddenly separating. They testified in support of James Randi’s skepticism of the event.

Drew Hadwal from WTVN-TV recounted the incident as follows: “I was sitting at the kitchen table with Tina, and suddenly the chairs scattered… I can’t understand how she could send them flying in three directions.”

Despite the media frenzy, the seasoned news photographer Fred Shannon, who retired in 1988 after 33 years at Dispatch, had no doubt about his experience.

“I know what I saw,” Shannon says firmly. “I’ll tell you on my mother’s grave that it happened! Those phones turning into bullets and other things…”

Under pressure regarding whether he truly witnessed the phones moving, he remains resolute.

“Damn it, I did! I saw that phone lift from the table and turn into a bullet. It hit her so hard on the side once; I thought it broke her rib!”

Tina Resch’s behavior during the events and the confirmation of some events by witnesses still lead to debates. It’s pointed out that Tina Resch was a young girl during the events and wouldn’t have had the technical knowledge or skills to fabricate such phenomena.

The Tina Resch incident has caught the attention of researchers studying poltergeist events and has been the subject of much debate. Whether the event was real or fake remains unclear, making the Tina Resch case a significant and unexplained poltergeist incident.

Several films, series, books, and documentaries have been inspired by the Columbus Poltergeist case involving Tina Resch.

“Unexplained: The Columbus Poltergeist” (2017): This documentary covers the Columbus Poltergeist incident experienced by Tina Resch, offering more information about the event by showcasing its details, testimonials, and research.

“The Haunted” (TV Series): This TV series consists of episodes that deal with different paranormal incidents. Tina Resch’s Columbus Poltergeist case is covered in one of the episodes, offering a fictional dramatization of the event.

“The Entity” (1982): Inspired by a real poltergeist incident involving Doris Bither, some sources claim the film was also influenced by Tina Resch’s Columbus Poltergeist case.

“The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of The Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street” (Book): This book discusses the Bridgeport Poltergeist case, and some sources indicate that it also references Tina Resch’s Columbus Poltergeist incident.

Unsolved Mysteries: The TV show’s Season 5, Episode 32 (overall episode 157) featured an episode on the Tina Resch paranormal incident. It aired for the first time in the USA on Wednesday, May 19, 1993, as part of a two-hour special concluding the fifth season.

“The Columbus Poltergeist” (2015) Short film: This 9-minute short film tells the story of Tina Resch. Synopsis: A team of ghost hunters investigates the Columbus Poltergeist, but the house has plans of its own.

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