Has a Time Portal Been Discovered in Türkiye? | The Mysterious Tarsus Excavation

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A very mysterious excavation took place in Turkey. It was almost like Area 51, which was protected by armed guards. What was so important here?

The Mysterious Tarsus ? A very mysterious excavation took place in Turkey. It was almost like Area 51, which was protected by armed guards. What was so important here? According to some, the remains of UFOs, the ark of the covenant, which is a very special chest that people belonging to every religion are looking for and according to some, the gospel of Barnabas. The gospel of Barnabas is a lost bible, and according to claims, this bible is the oldest bible. The Gospel of Barnabas, is a pseudo-apocryphal bible thought to have been written in the last quarter of the sixteenth century. It is claimed that it was written by Barnabas, one of the disciples of Jesus. This book is contradictory to the Christian faith because it mentions the Prophet, Muhammad. Therefore, if this bible is to be found, Christian history will change and it will turn out that Islam is the last religion. There are many people who tried to find a copy of this Bible and were killed for it. Later, I will post a detailed video of what happened to those who searched for the gospel of Barnabas. But we are talking about what happened in this excavation now. If you are ready, here we go.

The story begins in the year 2011. It is rumoured that many years ago an Armenian woman found an extremely valuable map. Or maybe she had it with her for a long time. It is unknown. The Armenian woman doesn’t know what to do with the map and hides it for some time. Then she decided and found people who knew what to do with this map. Treasure hunters start investigating to determine the location. Then they find where the map leads to and rent the alleged house. They offer the landlord five and even tenfold the money he is looking for. Towards the end of the year 2011, excavations began. While they are searching they get into a disagreement and one of them reports them to the police. Later, the excavation team disperses. But everything starts at this point. Police officer Mithat Erdal, authorized by the police, is assigned to deal with the treasure.

His task is to look like a treasure hunter and report what is going on to the police. Some time passes and the police officer continues to provide information. He reports that inside the vault there are valuable items such as thirty-two candlestick goblets made of gold and coins. Then some police officers raid the place before the treasure hunters arrive. After the incident, something weird happens. As we can see from the reports, there is no sign of the treasure. So, people used Mithat Erdal to get information and seize the treasure from the very beginning. It turned out that they were all in a network. Mithat Erdal, who opposes all this, tells his wife about it and says he will file a complaint about it. And, he holds a CD that has footage from the excavation. This gets found out somehow. And at the beginning of 2012, Erdal gets shot behind his head when he is joking around with his friends. His wife claims that this is a murder and that people are trying to cover this up. In the process, it turns out that he was murdered. And the person who killed him gets sentenced to 25 years in prison. After some years, people from the security forces get arrested and Erdal’s wife sends the President a letter. This letter opened the file again. It is unknown if she shared any sensitive information or documents in this letter. But in the same year, an investigation gets launched and the area gets a search warrant. They start the excavation in 2016. After the excavation began, the area was covered with blue tarpaulins, and people began to wonder what was going on.

The satellite image of the place belongs to the year 2011. And later on, the next satellite pictures don’t give any detail, because the area was covered with tarpaulins and the excavation ended in November 2017. After that, a statement is made about the findings of the excavation. The excavation reportedly turned up only broken columns, one bronze coin, and worthless items that are not valuable enough to include in the inventory. And they announced that they were planning to close the area for the safety of people. Does this explanation convince you? Because It doesn’t convince me.

For the government to keep digging for a year for a useless object just makes no sense, especially after the area was secured so firmly. When you go and look at the area you can see they had left some huge pits. Some sections reach to a depth of 14 meters.

The secrecy of the excavation made people think the government found traces of extraterrestrial life. The excavation site looked like Area 51 to some people. And people stated it took a year for this reason. There were rumours that there was an interdimensional door inside, two archaeologists made such a statement, but it is not known who they are. There is no detail belonging to this statement and it is not even clear if they are archaeologists. It is probably a statement intended to make people panic. These statements might be true, but they might be just a way to deflect the truth. So, what did they find there exactly? They overlooked something important when making these allegations. The location of this place was first discovered on a map. And maps always lead to one thing: Treasures or something as important as that. Therefore, they make maps, to be found later. So, let’s look at other chances.

Was it gold that was found here?

The neighbours are frustrated here. Because they say people came quickly, settled down, got what was there and ran away without giving information to them.

Landlord’s talk about the house

Well, considering that it is a national matter it is weird to not have any information on it.

Let’s go back to the claim, theory that says there were tons of gold found here. According to the allegations, treasure hunters who came here before found a respectable amount of gold and ran away with what they could find. And during the excavations, other rooms were found, and the government worked to gather this gold. These allegations may sound reasonable at first, but it is not sensible for a government to cover this area carefully with security for just some gold and then say “Oh, we didn’t find anything there” afterwards. Even members of the parliament couldn’t enter this place. And when they requested information government said it was a national matter and refused to give it to them. Another allegation is there is an underground city there. Dozens of rooms and hiding places were found there. But if it was an underground city, couldn’t they open the area to the public as a national treasure? This area would not have been left open if it contained a city like this.

Now, I am going to say what I think it is.

We said that this area was found on a map. I think this woman knew what was hidden here and it was not just some gold and silver. It was the bible of Paul the Apostle. It is believed that when this bible is discovered, the Christian community will be shocked. Because it contains information that is pure, and this version is not changed like the other bibles. I think they found some precious documents when they first started the excavation and found more important belongings when they found the other rooms underground. This was the reason why the excavation took a year. And they found what this woman desired, the bible. The real allegation is that the government discovered the ark of the covenant when looking for the bible. You need to hear why people think they found this ark. As we know, the bible or the ark of the covenant is of huge importance to the Christian community. The weird thing is, after the excavation a small group and then the President went to the Vatican for the first time after 59 years and after two years the President had turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque. And they had shown the ark of the covenant for no reason as a hologram on the anniversary of the opening of the mosque. For the Christian community, Hagia Sophia is so important. Turning this place into a mosque could mean huge sanctions for Turkey. And some countries could shut some mosques down in their own country as a response. But, they didn’t. Because they probably had a reason. So, saying that they found the ark of the covenant doesn’t sound that weird and explains why this area was protected by security personnel and it was said this whole thing was a “national matter”. But this area might be a distraction. While they locked this area up and made people think it was a big deal they might have been working in another place, finding valuable pieces. Of course, these are just allegations and not the absolute truth.

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