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Bridgeport Poltergeist Case | What Did the Goodin Family Experience in Their Haunting?

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Welcome to the Bridgeport Poltergeist case…

Everything was normal for the Goodin family. Until fear visited their home in 1974. The family’s home suddenly became the world’s most haunted house. The family encountered paranormal events that turned their home upside down.

And all these paranormal events went down in history as the Bridgeport Poltergeist case…

How did it all start for Goodin Family?

In 1974, a poltergeist incident occurred in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. This event took place in the home of the couple Gerald and Laura Goodin.

The incidents began in the Goodin family home with sudden and inexplicable phenomena. Items within the house began to move, sounds were heard, objects started floating in mid-air, and strange writings appeared on the walls and ceiling. As the family faced these paranormal events, they began living in anxiety and fear.

The incidents, which made national headlines in the 70s, are still remembered as a terrifying period by many locals.

In 1960, the Goodin family moved to a seemingly ordinary house on Lindley Street. However, over the years, they began to experience strange events, and in 1974, the Goodin’s called the police.

When the police arrived to calm the family and attempt to determine the source of the disturbances, news had already spread, and curious onlookers surrounded the house.

The Visit of Ed and Lorraine Warren to the Family

Even renowned paranormal investigators like Ed and Lorraine Warren visited this family.

William J. Hall, born in Bridgeport and self-described as a skeptic, had always refuted the stories of the Bridgeport Poltergeist as fabrications. That is, until he decided to investigate audio interviews, newspaper articles, and other public records. What he found astounded him.

There were dozens of eyewitnesses who testified to unexplained events, talking animals, and furniture that seemed to move of its own accord. Notably, among these witnesses were police officers and other city officials.

How Did William J. Hall Believe in the Goodin Family?

Hall was a professional magician, making him somewhat of an expert in sleight of hand, being familiar with the secrets behind illusion-like events. However, his meticulous research convinced him that this case was not a hoax, and the Bridgeport Poltergeist was a genuine incident. He even wrote a book about the events, “The World’s Most Haunted House” which narrates the paranormal incidents disturbing Jerry and Laura Goodin and their 10-year-old daughter, Marcia.

At first, people might think that the Goodin family either made up or imagined the paranormal activity. However, it quickly became clear to everyone involved that something darker was at play. Eyewitnesses, ranging from police officers to repairmen, had borne witness to events they still couldn’t explain even decades later.

When the police initially arrived, the situation had calmed by around 2:00 pm. It was time for the officers to depart. Four policemen advised the family to report any further disturbances before leaving. As they walked down the front steps, Officer Tomek lagged behind. He told them he had forgotten something and would return soon. He had an idea. Tomek believed that the entity causing the disturbances in the house was intelligent. Seeing the Goodin’s and the Warrens occupied in the kitchen, he headed for Marcia’s room to conduct an experiment. “If you can hear me, move something” he called out.

Immediately afterward, several items on Marcia’s wall “moved.” A baby picture swayed, a cross oscillated, angel figurines rocked. Yet the wall itself was not shaking. It seemed as if the items, not the house, were moving in response to the entity’s command. He spoke to himself again, commanding, “Okay, you can stop now.” And everything abruptly ceased.

Hoping to learn more about these entities, Tomek had another experience. In Marcia’s room, he suddenly felt a dense coldness engulfing the space. Scanning the room with his eyes, he noticed a shadow move. Turning his eyes to the shadow, he felt his heart might stop from sheer terror. A dark figure was wandering around Marcia’s bed. It was an entity he couldn’t quite describe, but it certainly did not resemble a human. With a shocked retreat, he quickly exited the room.

The events were later examined by a series of paranormal researchers and mediums. The unsettling incidents in the home continued but over time slowed and eventually ceased. The Bridgeport Poltergeist case has gone down in history as a significant event that captivated the interest of paranormal researchers and enthusiasts.

The Bridgeport Poltergeist Case has also inspired several productions due to its fascinating nature in the media.

“The World’s Most Haunted House” The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street”: This book, written by William J. Hall, provides a detailed narration of the events. Based on interviews with witnesses and other sources, it advocates the authenticity of the event.

“The Haunted” (1991): This documentary includes an episode narrating the Bridgeport Poltergeist Case, diving into the details of the incident and discussing the debates regarding its authenticity.

“A Haunting”: This paranormal-themed TV series dedicates an episode to the Bridgeport Poltergeist Case.

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