Is Elvis Presley STILL ALIVE in 2023? Bob Joyce is Elvis?

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Bob Joyce is Elvis? One of the most popular theories is that Elvis, who should be 88 years old now, took on the identity of Bob Joyce…

Elvis Aaron Presley; American singer, musician, actor. He is known worldwide as the ‘King of Rock and Roll‘ or ”King” for short.

He passed away on August 16, 1977, after his last concert in Indianapolis in 1977. In a statement after his death, Doctor Jerry Francisco said that his death was caused by heart failure.

But since the date of his death, theories have emerged that will go all the way to the CIA. His fans never believed that he was dead. It was claimed that Elvis was seen thousands of times after his death.

There was even a museum in the state of Missouri called ‘Elvis is alive‘, which was visited by thousands of people.

The museum’s curator, Bill Beeny, claims there is DNA evidence suggesting that the King of Rock’n Roll is not dead, and he displays what he believes to be a poor replica of Presley in a coffin. He says, ”Yes, this doesn’t look like Elvis, but the one in the real coffin didn’t either.”

They even hold parties at Graceland, Elvis’s venue, where they wait for his return every year.

According to some conspiracy theories, a black helicopter that landed at Graceland hours before Elvis Presley’s body had smuggled him to Bermuda.

Was Elvis Presley an FBI Agent?

It was also amazing that Elvis had a plane ticket from Memphis to Argentina in the name of Jon Burrows, the pseudonym he used when checking into the hotels.

Some say he was an informant for the FBI to infiltrate a mafia organization, hiding his identity after death threats.

Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s 1988 bestseller ‘Is Elvis Presley alive?‘ had also claimed that the singer had escaped from the mafia.

Speaking to TIME magazine in the US, Giorgio says Presley is ‘an American hero’ who worked undercover for the FBI, “I don’t know if Elvis is still alive today. But Elvis didn’t die on August 16. I’m sure of it,” he said.

Allegedly, Elvis infiltrated the mafia organization called “The Fraternity” in 1976 and acted as an agent for the FBI, The FBI chose Elvis because he had previously contacted the organization to sell his private plane.

According to the FBI documents that Giorgio reached, Elvis was put into the witness protection program by the FBI when the organization realized that he was an informant.

He wanted to be thought that he was dead because of the mafia’s death threats, and they helped him.

Did Elvis Presley Fake His Death Because He Wanted to Remain a Legend?

Some of his fans think Elvis faked his death to stay as a legend in his fan’s eyes.
Because he was recently fighting with obesity.

There are many movies and series that cover Elvis’s death and what followed. Many of these works make references to theories that he is still alive.

How I Meet Your Mother / ELVIS IS ALIVE

In fact, in the 23rd episode of the 5th season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’, there is a suitcase shown with ‘Elvis is alive‘ written on it.

1- The body in the coffin does not look like Elvis Presley

But is there any evidence that he is alive? Some of the people who attended Elvis’s funeral were quite sure that he was not the person in the coffin.

the nose does not look like

The man in the coffin said that his nose, eyebrows, and most importantly, his appearance did not look much like Elvis Presley, and inside the coffin was
a wax sculpture. Indeed, the person in the coffin did not look like Elvis.

2- There’s a different name on the tombstone

The second suspicious thing was the misspelling of his name on the tombstone.
It said ‘Elvis Aaron Presley’, but Elvis’s middle name was Aron, not Aaron with single a.

3- Did Elvis Presley seen alive in the movie Home Alone?

Another interesting claim was linked to a scene from the movie ‘Home Alone‘, which was released in 1990, about 13 years after the date of Elvis’s death.

According to allegations, the person standing behind the character named Kate Mccallister in an airport scene of the film was Elvis Presley himself.

In those years, the airport scene was talked about so much that the director of the film on the subject, Christopher Colombus, said: “These people are convinced that that man is Elvis Presley. They thought he was pretending to be dead and that he was an extra on Home Alone because he still loved show business. Look at this guy, he’s not Elvis Presley!” he had to explain.

4- Mystery man in Graceland

In 2016, a bearded man wearing a baseball cap at Graceland made the fans think he was Elvis.

Bob Joyce is Elvis Presley?

If Elvis had lived, he would be 88 years old now. His fans believe that he is now living under the name Bob Joyce.

One of the most popular theories is that Elvis, who should be 88 years old now, took on the identity of Bob Joyce

Bob Joyce, a musician, also teaches people as a Christian preacher. He also shares some of his speeches on YouTube.

Most Elvis fans Believe Bob is Elvis and post analysis videos on Youtube.

Tom Mennel came across a video of the preacher on YouTube, and he shared with The Express his strong belief that the pastor might be hiding his true identity.

He commented: “I have been an Elvis fan since I was six-years-old and now I am 61-years-old. To me, Mr. Joyce is Elvis and I do hope one day he will stand up and say who he is.”

When examined carefully, there is indeed a similarity.

My Opinion

I think Elvis didn’t die and Bob Joyce is him. His likelihood of faking his death is 100% and being Bob Joyce is 90%

Elvis was a rich man and probably took good care of himself so it is natural that he looks healthier than his peers.

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