David Bowie is STILL ALIVE? Jack Steven is David Bowie?

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Is David bowie still alive? Millions of fans think that Jack Steven, who participated in the live broadcast, is David Bowie.

The English singer, actor, songwriter, and producer, David Robert Jones, better known as David Bowie, was born on January 8, 1947, in London, England.

Throughout his career, David Bowie reached a global album sale of 140 million and won nine platinum records in the UK and five in the US.

Recognized as one of the most important artists in history, Bowie has been an inspiration to countless stars such as Lady Gaga, George Michael, and Madonna. He has produced many significant albums and songs.

In addition to his singing career, Bowie, a valuable artist who also acted, painted, and produced, lost his battle against cancer after 18 months at the age of 69 in 2016. However, a very interesting event occurred afterward.

Jack Steven is David Bowie?

David Bowie still alive? Jack Steven, who appeared on the Skynews channel to announce Bowie’s death, looked very much like David Bowie. In fact, according to his fans, he was identical.

Viewers immediately noticed Steven’s extraordinary resemblance to Bowie and suggested that this was actually Bowie in disguise.

Was Jack Steven the last character portrayed by David Bowie? The fact that there is very little information about Jack Steven on the internet strengthens this claim.

It’s quite funny that there is no information about Jack, who introduced himself as a music industry executive. When we examine an old video of Jack Steven uploaded to the Internet, we can see that he is completely different from the Jack who appeared on Skynews.

Real Jack Steven and David Bowie

This is exactly like the Dave Dave incident with Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson appeared on CNN LIVE as Dave Dave after his own death in 2009.

Dave Dave and Michael Jackson

Just as Michael used Dave Dave’s name, David Bowie used Jack Steven’s name and took his place for a single program. We can also see that David Bowie was inspired by Michael Jackson’s fake death.

*For more detailed information about Dave Dave, you can click on the link.

Is ”Opossum” a message for fake death?

Another incident is that Bowie left money to a company called Opossom Inc. in his will, about which there is no public information.

The company has no public disclosures, does not trade shares in any market, and there is no information available anywhere about it.

So, what’s interesting about this? you might ask. The name of the company, Opossum, is an animal name. It’s a small marsupial that tends to play dead when it doesn’t want to deal with a situation.

A company named after an animal that plays dead when approached. How strange, isn’t it? Strange and funny. I’m sure David is laughing at us.

David Bowie still alive?
Is there a hidden message in the Lazarus clip?

Another clue is Bowie’s music video “Lazarus,” which he released shortly before his death. In the video, Bowie portrays an aging, frail man with his eyes bandaged.

David Bowie still alive?

According to the New Testament, Lazarus had died and was resurrected by the Messiah four days later.

David Bowie still alive?

Fans suggested that Lazarus was a way for Bowie to hint at his return. Perhaps Jack Steven was David’s comeback.

Do you think Jack Steven could be David Bowie? Could David Bowie have faked his death to remain a legend in minds, to live his old age like a normal person?

Do you believe he is still alive? Perhaps David Bowie wanted to complete the last role of his acting career as the character Jack Steven…

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