Celebrities Who Faked Their Deaths With Ghost Protocol

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Hello, friends. Now, we’ll talk about the ghost protocol. But what is the ghost protocol? To understand this, I first want to show you a scene from the 7th episode of the “Inside Job” series. (Open minute “1:10” and watch)

In essence, by making an agreement with the government or a private organization and paying a certain amount of money, after staging a fake death, you can start a new life.

This agreement is called the ghost protocol. According to the claims, celebrities overwhelmed by fame and excessive attention resort to this method after reaching a certain age.

This becomes a sort of escape for them. This way, celebrities who have sat on the pinnacle of fame for years and have tasted the celebrity life can spend the rest of their lives in a quieter area with different names and personas.

In short, celebrities fake their death and live their next lives away from attention and more peacefully and this agreement is named the ghost protocol.

But could this be real? In the animated series “Inside Job”, this protocol is mentioned, and it’s emphasized that famous rappers Tupac and Biggie also faked their deaths through this protocol. Some of you might think this is just an animated series and that the narratives are not real.

But you should definitely not think so. Because today, many truths are being told to us through “jokes” with hidden messages in real films and series. And remember, another way to tell the truth to the other party is to narrate it in a humorous manner mixed with jokes.

You shouldn’t underestimate animated movies because “The Simpsons” could be the biggest example of this.

The dark powers governing the world might be showing us their actions through series and movies before they carry them out.

Even if it’s not called “Ghost Protocol”, you should definitely believe in an agreement with a different name but serving the same purpose. Because nowadays, many celebrities are faking their deaths, especially in what we call middle age, the 40-50 age range.

While some like David Bowie might choose this at an older age, many can leave their celebrity lives in their middle ages like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

However, the reason isn’t just fatigue from fame for all. While the reason for most is just being tired of fame and wanting to live a peaceful life, there can also be serious reasons for some. For example, having insurmountable debts, having enemies who want to kill them, family problems, escaping from crimes pinned on them, doing PR for their movies or series, and many other reasons could lead them to fake their deaths.

A good example of celebrities tired of fame and wanting to live another life would be Andy Kaufman.

Andy Kaufman, who became famous with his role as Latka in the series “Taxi”, died at 35 from lung cancer.

However, even some of his closest friends never fully believed that Kaufman had died. Kaufman’s friends, who claimed that he often talked about faking his own death, were also included in these rumors.

Andy Kaufman with Bob Zmuda

As written in a recent book by Kaufman’s close friend and colleague, Bob Zmuda, the sudden disappearance of Kaufman, who was famous for his indecision about fame, couldn’t be a coincidence.

Zmuda’s book titled “The Truth, Finally” put forth the claim that Kaufman had made up his death. Was Zmuda’s claim true? Yes, Andy was tired of fame and wanted to live a peaceful life.

Because Andy’s brother Michael Kaufman also had to confirm this. Kaufman was said to be living in Albuquerque and had started a family.

Michael Kaufman

A mysterious woman claimed to be Andy’s daughter and that Andy was alive. And Kaufman’s brother Michael Kaufman also confirmed this woman.

Michael introduced the 24-year-old woman who read a letter claimed to be from Andy at a comedy club as his brother’s daughter.

The mysterious woman said her father had staged his own death to escape the spotlight and live as a stay-at-home dad. The letter stated: “There was too much pressure to be Andy Kaufman. I just wanted to be Andy, I guess that’s why I got sick. I had to change completely and quickly. I have an extremely happy marriage with the most wonderful wife in the world and two wonderful children: a 10-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son.”

Andy Kaufman’s secret daughter

So, Andy’s fake death and him still being alive were also confirmed by his brother. In short, famous people could fake their death when they got tired of fame. The concept of fake death is a theme addressed in many movies and series.

What is the Ghost Protocol?

This theme usually deals with characters faking their death for various reasons. It is combined with topics such as changing identity, escaping a crime, deceiving someone, or making revenge plans.

As you can see, many celebrities could have faked their deaths thanks to secret agreements. So, our part is always to research and question. Based on my research, I can say that the number of celebrities faking their deaths is much higher than you think. Who do you think might still be alive among celebrities?

Please specify in the comments. In our next article, I want to explain a different theory.

Don’t forget to watch our video titled “Did Michael Jackson Flee to a Secret Life In Witness Protection?” related to the subject. See you later, goodbye.

What is the Ghost Protocol?

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