Could Prince Still Be Alive? All Evidence and Theories

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Prince alive? Millions of fans still believe Prince alive. They even believe Prince attended the music awards dressed as Tyka Nelson.

In the world of music, few names resonate with the same iconic status as Prince. A groundbreaking artist known for his eclectic style and unparalleled talent, his sudden death in 2016 left the world in mourning.

But like many legends, whispers and theories soon emerged suggesting he might still be among us. While many dismiss these ideas as mere conspiracy theories, others believe there’s more to the story.

In this article, we’ll delve deep into the evidence and claims surrounding the possibility that Prince might still be alive, offering a comprehensive look at one of the music industry’s most tantalizing mysteries.

Prince Rogers Nelson 1958 to 2016

Prince alive? A famous star who have left our world Price Rogers Nelson. Or Prince, by the stage name.

Prince was born on June 7, 1958 in Minnesota. Prince, a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and actor, was ranked 28th by Rolling Stones magazine on the list of the best musicians of all time, he was considered a ‘living legend’. He was a pop icon.

He was found dead in his home on April 21, 2016. But then millions of his fans began to believe that the musician’s death was a hoax and that he was still alive and well. So Prince alive?

Fans began to investigate the strange and contradictory circumstances surrounding Prince’s ‘death’ and presented ‘indisputable evidence’ that the musician is still alive.

Prince alive? Since his death, hundreds of eyewitnesses have claimed to have seen him in many cities around the world, in shopping malls, in taxis, even in a restaurant in Minneapolis.

Mysterious Numbers on His Shirt

They claimed that the numbers on the shirt in the photo he shared on her official instagram account in 2015 contained a number of messages.

Prince alive?

The sum of the numbers on your chest 1+1+5+9 = 16, that is, 2016 symbolizes the year in which he died.

The number 57 on the right represents the age at which he died.

The numbers on his arm symbolize the hour he died. According to official records, Prince died at 10:07, but CPR began at about 9:50.

Why Is There a Different Name on the Death Certificate?
death certificate
birth certificate

Before he died, he changed his name in his ID. His real name is Prince Roger Nelson on his birth certificate, while his death certificate says Prince Rogers Nelson and finally, it is claimed by fans that Prince attended the 2016 American music awards disguised as his sister Tyka Nelson.

Did Prince Disguise as His Sister Tyka Nelson?

Hundreds of people say under the video in question that they definitely believe that the person who attended the ceremony that day was prince.

Prince alive?

My opinion

He might be alive even we don’t see much evidence but if he is alive I think he was inspired by Michael Jackson.

Because I think a few things are the same. Just like Michael, he passed away on Thursday, Just like Michael, before he died, he changed his name on his ID and gave
some messages by numbers. Prince might have even knew that Michael was going to fake his death since 2001.

I haven’t found the recording yet, but according to information passed to me, Prince said in an interview in 2001, “Michael is preparing for something very big.”
I think his likelihood is 80% cent.

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