Myth or Reality?

Is the Chupacabra a Myth or Reality?

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The Chupacabra, a terrifying creature, is said to have first been spotted in Puerto Rico. Do you think Chupacabra is a myth or reality?

This tropical island, known as the smallest island of the Greater Antilles, which also contains smaller islets, harbors another mysterious legend within.

The Chupacabra, a terrifying creature, is said to have first been spotted in Puerto Rico in 1995.

It has haunted livestock owners across North and South America, allegedly sucking the blood of goats, rabbits, dogs, chickens, and similar animals, leading to their death.


This creature is described as having a horrifying appearance, capable of standing on its two legs. The legend of this creature has been the subject of countless documentaries, with thousands of eyewitnesses claiming to have seen it.

“Chupacabra” is a Spanish term that essentially means “goat-sucker”. While the first documented date of its existence is 1995, the origins of this mythical creature trace back much earlier. In 1975, in the town of Moca in Puerto Rico, many dead farm animals were discovered.

According to rumors, all of these dead animals had circular puncture wounds from which all their blood had been drained. Each of the carcasses had, near their chests, three wounds, which were believed to be the points from which their blood had been sucked. Interestingly, in all these animal death cases, the creatures weren’t eaten; only their blood was drained.

In the town of Canóvanas in Puerto Rico, a woman named Madelyne Tolentino became the first recorded eyewitness of the creature in August 1995.

Madelyne Tolentino

Madelyne claimed to have seen a wild and bizarre creature that had killed around 150 animals, including pets.

Since that day, numerous reports claiming sightings of the Chupacabra have continued to emerge from various regions of North and South America. While individual eyewitness accounts differ in details, there are recurring common characteristics described.

According to these shared descriptions, the Chupacabra stood about 1.22-1.52 meters tall. It had an oval-shaped head with fiery red, glowing eyes. Sharp spikes that gave it a menacing appearance ran from the top of its head down its spine.

It had a greenish skin with spots resembling those of a frog. While it could stand on two legs, it used all four limbs to gain speed when running. Some eyewitnesses compared its movement to that of a monkey, while others likened it to a kangaroo.

Eyewitness accounts suggested that there were two distinct species of Chupacabra. One, spotted on the island of Puerto Rico, was described as a reptilian creature with spiky ridges on its back.

In contrast, encounters in the southern parts of Texas described a hairless creature resembling a demonic dog.

Numerous theories have been proposed regarding the possible origins of the creature. One of the most prevalent theories relates to extraterrestrial beings.

Could Chupacabra Be an Alien Creature?

Some theorists believe that the Chupacabra could be a creature left behind by aliens visiting our planet.

Another theory speculates that the creature might be the result of a botched animal-alien hybrid experiment conducted by NASA, resulting in a mutated being.


Rumors suggest that there is a significant covert military base in Puerto Rico, with a secretive area underneath where experiments are being conducted.

This speculation ties into the Chupacabra narrative, with many believing that the base might be an effort by the government to create a mutant creature to use as a weapon against adversaries.

Given the Chupacabra’s unique hunting and behavior patterns, which are unlike any known animal, many people are inclined to believe this theory.

If we consider the first Chupacabra sightings occurred on an island where the U.S. government has previously conducted medical experiments, could these creatures have initially been animals mutated as a military weapon?

In another claim, on February 9, 1984, locals in the Puerto Rican rainforests reportedly saw a luminous disk gliding over the trees. This UFO supposedly crashed on the side of a mountain.

Government and military officials secured the crash site within an hour and removed all evidence. However, a few witnesses managed to see the object before the cleanup.

When the UFO wreckage was cleared, it allegedly contained several dead Chupacabras. While many died in the crash, a few supposedly escaped the wreck and fled into the forest.

This incident might have been the genesis of the Chupacabra legend. Those who believe in this narrative suggest the Chupacabra might be an extraterrestrial being. So, instead of scientists mutating the Chupacabra, could they have discovered it inside a UFO and been studying it?

According to some cryptozoologists, the probability of the Chupacabra being an extraterrestrial being is minuscule and is considered a terrifying assumption.

Village of Colchane

The most recent update on the creature dates back to 2021. In Chile, from November 2020 to January 2021, nearly 50 animals mysteriously died.

Reports indicate that around 50 carcasses of llamas and alpacas were discovered in the village of Colchane near the Bolivian border.

Village of Colchane

Experts examining the wounds on these dead animals couldn’t find any traces of a predator, leading the local community to suspect the involvement of the Chupacabra, a mysterious creature from Chilean legends believed to suck the blood from animals.

In the northern region of Chile, where there have been numerous reports of mass animal deaths, authorities and veterinarians were baffled after discovering dozens of baby llamas and alpacas dead with a single hole in their chests.

Local farmer Juan Choque Choque shared, “In the initial incidents, we believed the animals had been killed by someone. But as we continued to find more dead animals, we began to think there was something more sinister at play. The deaths just kept on increasing. My cousin mentioned that it might be the work of a Chupacabra, a creature known for seriously injuring a person years ago. This thought genuinely scared me. I even installed solar panels to light up my farmyard. I just want whoever or whatever is behind this to be found and stopped.”

In a similar event in Puerto Rico, where the first alleged Chupacabra incident took place, 80 sheep were found dead in a single night. This was extraordinary because, theoretically, there isn’t a known animal or creature that has the capacity to kill such a large number of livestock in just one instance.

Has any Chupacabra ever been captured?

According to hunters, hunting this creature is extremely challenging. However, a man named Gordon Taylor claimed to have shot a Chupacabra in Texas.

Gordon detailed his experience: “It was an afternoon in 2008. We were hunting on a farm in Texas. When it first appeared, I thought it was a jackal. But then I saw it run incredibly fast. This was something entirely different. Clearly, it was a predator, and I was certain it didn’t belong here. It paused for a moment, giving me a chance to shoot. After shooting it, I took several pictures and noticed its abnormally long canine teeth. They were larger than I’ve ever seen on any dog or jackal. Weeks after the incident, when I returned to the camp, a forest ranger approached me. I pulled out my phone and showed him the pictures, asking if he could identify what I had killed. He looked at the pictures and said, ‘Friend, I should arrest you for killing this and not informing us. We would do anything to get a hold of such a creature. We want to conduct DNA tests to identify its species.’ That’s when I realized it was an unknown species.”

Many interviews with dozens of eyewitnesses, along with extensive research, were featured in the documentary “In Search of Monsters: The Chupacabra Episode.” I recommend watching it.

Given the numerous eyewitness accounts across a vast geographic area, cryptozoologists believe in the creature’s existence and continue to conduct further research. However, proponents of empirical evidence remain skeptical.

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