Is Adolf Hitler Alive? Evidence and Theories

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A lot has been said about Hitler alive. But the common opinion is that Hitler, with his wife Eva Braun and his assistants first fled to Argentina then South Pole and then Buenos Aires. Where it is said that he lived to the age of 90.

Adolf Hitler Alive?

There are millions of people who believe that this is a hoax, that Hitler did not die in 1945, that he lived a modest life until the age of 90 and lost his life.

Was Adolf Hitler’s Death Fake?

So much so that in 1947, 51 percent of Americans surveyed thought that Hitler was still alive. It was said that there were many people in Argentina who claimed to have seen Hitler.

The investigators of the History Channel’s Hunting Hitler series also stated that they had found previously secret documents and met with people who said.

Adolf Hitler Alive?

On September 25, 1945, special agent John V. Lapurke of the US Counter Intelligence Corp in Austria. Gave a reliable report stating that Hitler went to Argentina.

Walter Glockel, who is the Personnel Director of Steyr Auto works, said that he had met with Von Leon, who is the ex director of Mauser arms, in 1945 and Von Leon told him that Hitler was living in a farm in Argentina called La Falda.

Adolf Hitler Alive?

Mr. Eichorn who is hosting Hitler was an old German immigrant and was supporter of the Nazi philosophy.

He was a close friend of Hitler. According to Von Leon, Hitler arrived in Argentina on a German submarine and had his face surgically replaced on the way.

Adolf Hitler Alive?

In fact, it is also among the allegations that Hitler used his full name as “Adolf Schrittelmayor”, changing not only his face, but also his surname.

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover said there was strong evidence that Hitler was in Argentina in a letter he sent to the American Embassy in Buones Aires in 1945.
And Walter said they were supported by Eichorn.

J. Edgar Hoover

In documents published by CIA recently there are writings that a former secret cop of Hitler said that Hitler was alive to an undercover agent codenamed Cimelody-3. According to the documents, the soldier named Philip Citroen is said to have contacted Hitler once a month in Colombia.

Adolf Hitler Alive?

So these documents show that CIA didn’t believe Hitler died and constantly followed his trail.

Findings like this led not only the CIA, but also people to believe in the possibility that Hitler was alive.

Movies, Series, Books

In fact, this has become such a widespread belief that it has also appeared in modern TV series, movies and programs.

Adolf Hitler Alive?

In George Steiner’s controversial novel The Portage to San Cristobal, at the end of the war, Hitler survives and flees to the Amazon jungle, where he is found by Nazi hunters 30 years later. 

Adolf Hitler Alive?

In the CGI anime film Lupin III: The First (2019), Interpol spreads a fake rumor stating that Hitler is alive and living in Brazil.

Lupin III

In the 2020 Amazon Prime TV series Hunters, it is discovered that Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun lived in Argentina in 1977.


In other words, there are many tangible materials that the CIA has been focusing on for a long time that Hitler did not die in 1945.

Mysterious 128-Year-Old Man

In recent news from Argentina, a man claiming to be 128 years old has come forward saying he is Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany.

Adolf Hitler Alive?

The man, residing in the city of Salta, told the local media that he came to Argentina in 1945 with a passport issued in the name of Herman Güntherberg. Güntherberg stated that he decided to come out of hiding after the Israeli secret service, Mossad, announced last year that they had stopped tracking Nazi criminals in Latin America.

He remarked, “I have committed none of the crimes I am accused of. I spent most of my life hiding from Jews. I believe I have served my time. I was labeled a bad person because we lost the war, but if people read my story, their perspective about me will change.” Even though it was later mentioned that the news was published by a joke site, some people considered the possibility that the story might be true.

My Opinion

I think he didn’t die in 1945 and escaped. But because of his age, I don’t think he’s alive right now. As they say it is possible that he lived until 90 years old and died in Argentina.

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