Reference to Michael Jackson’s Fake Death from the Lupin Series

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Hello friends. Today, we will discuss a detail that could be a clue to Michael’s fake death in a Lupin series that has marked the last period.

Lupin is a French mystery and thriller series broadcasted on Netflix. There is a technology I want to show you, especially in the last season of the series, which lasted for a total of 3 seasons.

And this technology is related to Jack Crooner, who is believed to be a disguise taken on by Michael Jackson

To briefly mention for those who do not know, Jack Crooner is a character that some Michael fans, who believe that Michael is alive, think is a disguise entered by Michael.

This person, who was Michael Jackson’s former doctor in real life, has completely changed his life after Michael’s death and started a singing career, establishing close contacts with Michael’s family. Keep this in mind and now let’s return to the series.

The life of the main character of the series, Assane Diop, is turned upside down when his father, accused of a crime he did not commit, dies. Years later, Assane Diop decides to take revenge for his father and is inspired by the hero Arsène Lupin to do so.

Arsene Lupin is a fictional character penned by French story and novel writer Maurice Leblanc.

In the series Lupin, broadcasted on the Netflix platform in 2021, it is inspired by the adventures of Arsene Lupin.

The Lupin series features the character Assane Diop, portrayed by French actor Omar Say, who reads and applies the techniques of Arsene Lupin’s adventures from his childhood, and focuses on a thief seeking revenge.

Lupin Series

Now that I have briefly summarized the series to you, we can slowly come to the part that interests us. The part that interests us is Assene Diop’s fake death in the 3rd season, inspired by the character Arsene Lupin, who enters various disguises and plays games…

Lupin Series

Assene Diop, wanting to escape from the accusations and the media, convinces everyone that he is dead with a brilliant plan and successfully fakes his own death.
However, most of the fans of Assene Diop, a folk hero, do not believe that he is dead. Just like Michael Jackson fans.

Assene Diop, who faked his death, uses a secret technology to change his appearance professionally to be close to his ex-wife and especially his son. This way, even his son and ex-wife cannot recognize him.

Lupin Series

And hold on, Assene Diop changes his voice with a device attached to his throat using a very secret technology.

Lupin Series

For those who do not believe that Jack Crooner is Michael just because his voice is different, this could be a nice answer.

For the world’s most famous person, disguising cannot be just about costumes and masks. He has to change his voice to be able to walk around comfortably outside.
Just like Assene Diop, Jack Crooner may also be changing his voice with such a secret technology.

Lupin Series and Jack Crooner

Because if you pay attention, Jack usually walks around wearing shirts and ties that cover his throat. So, Michael might be attaching a secret device to his throat. or to his teeth…

Lupin Series and Jack Crooner

Just like Assene Diop, the disguise of Jack Crooner could be created to be close to Michael’s family, especially his children.

Lupin Series and Jack Crooner

Because especially after Michael’s death, Jack Crooner started to get very close to Michael’s children, even close enough to get into family pictures.

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