Did Michael Jackson Attend His Own Memorial Service?

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Michael Jackson alive? Did Michael Jackson attend his own memorial service With Disguise?

Michael Jackson, the legendary king of pop music, had millions of fans worldwide. Especially in the 1980s and 1990s, he was known for the revolutions he made in the music world. However, his unexpected death in 2009 shocked both the media and the entire world. According to official reports, Jackson passed away, but his fans couldn’t easily accept this truth.

Millions of fans of this legendary artist believe that Michael Jackson alive and still among us. Why? Numerous “evidences” have been put forward to support this belief. Some videos circulating on the internet claim to show Jackson even after his death. Moreover, according to some theories, Michael Jackson might have faked his own death to escape from his stressful life and the pressure of the media.

Of course, many of these claims are classified as conspiracy theories, and official sources deny these claims. However, such rumors continue to be widely discussed among Michael Jackson’s fans since his death. While some fans approach these theories with skepticism, others staunchly defend these claims.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson’s death has become one of the most controversial topics in the music world. Although official reports state that he died in 2009, millions of fans still believe he is alive. The “evidences” they provide to support their belief further inflame the debates on this topic. One of the biggest suspicions in this regard is the blonde woman who attended the memorial service… So really Michael Jackson alive?

Was the Blonde Woman Actually Michael Jackson?

Fans who believe that Michael Jackson alive think he attended his own memorial in disguise.

There are two suspicious individuals. The first one is an old man with a hat.

Yes, Michael, who is skilled in disguises, has previously appeared in similar looks.

But I believe this is just a diversion. I don’t think the man with the hat is Michael. But now, look at the blonde woman sitting next to the man with the hat.

It’s evident that the woman is wearing a wig! Because her black hair is visible. Look at her skin color, it’s just like Michael’s!

Michael’s fans also claimed that the person holding hands with the woman is Michael’s former bodyguard.

Take a look at how Janet, Michael’s sister, looks at the woman after the ceremony!

Could master of disguise Michael have attended his own memorial service in such a disguise? Michael Jackson alive?

Do you think Michael Jackson alive and the old man is Michael Jackson? Or is it the blonde woman?

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