Apocalypse Bunkers Built by the Wealthy

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Have you ever heard about the incredible apocalypse bunker built by the wealthy for survival from the apocalypse? Ultra-rich individuals believe that these luxurious shelters will save them from the apocalypse.

For Whom Are Apocalypse Bunkers Built?

Are you intrigued by stories focused on themes of apocalypse and post-apocalyptic scenarios? Or do you have a strategy for survival in the event of a catastrophe?

The U.S. government has pre-determined where to convene in the event of a potential disaster. The “Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center” is among the most secure and restricted places, where emergency operations of the U.S. government are conducted.

Apocalypse Bunker

Mount Weather

Built in 1958 following the Soviet Union’s launch of the Sputnik satellite, Mount Weather was constructed for defense purposes. It is a part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The facility houses plans for the continuity of the federal government in national emergencies. This provides a refuge for the U.S. government to continue its operations in case it becomes dysfunctional due to a nuclear war or other large-scale disasters.

Apocalypse Bunker

This underground survival complex is designed to be the “safest place on earth” in a global catastrophe. It is not only for top government officials but also for the protection of national treasures, like artworks from the National Gallery. Mount Weather is heavily guarded both underground and on the surface, making it an impenetrable location. Even high-ranking government officials do not have access, and nobody can approach the complex from the outside. Access to this emergency facility is only possible with the approval of the U.S. government.

Apocalypse Bunker
Theories About Mount Weather

Numerous theories and speculations revolve around Mount Weather, mostly about its true purpose and what is hidden there. For example, the Backup Government Theory suggests that Mount Weather is a shelter for the United States’ “shadow government” or “backup government”, ready to activate if Washington, D.C., or other key government facilities are destroyed or severely compromised. The UFO and Alien Theory proposes that Mount Weather is where the American government keeps information about UFOs and alien technology, similar to theories about Area 51 and other secretive government facilities.

Apocalypse Bunker

Another theory is the Nuclear Bunker Theory, which posits that Mount Weather serves as a shelter to protect the American populace in the event of a nuclear disaster.

Apocalypse Bunker

Mount Weather has featured in various popular culture works, including the video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops II”, the movie “Thirteen Days” as an emergency facility, and the post-apocalyptic series “The 100”. It’s also believed to have inspired the Mount Thunder facility in the significant Cold War-era book “Seven Days in May”.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Complex structures built with a “post-apocalyptic” survival goal often appear as forbidden and impossible-to-enter places. But have you ever imagined a massive settlement inside a mountain?

Apocalypse Bunker

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex serves the American Space Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command, containing a city within. Constructed during the Cold War by carving into the mountain, this complex was a response to the nuclear attack fears of the 1960s. Scientists claim it is resistant to nuclear, biological, and electromagnetic threats.

Apocalypse Bunker

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a massive shelter with 20 tunnels of various sizes and contains 15 buildings elevated on rails, functioning like a self-sufficient city. It’s known to have five lakes used as backups for heating and cooling systems. The complex is designed to meet all needs, including food, water, waste management, and energy.

Apocalypse Bunker

According to Native American mythology, Cheyenne Mountain was once the dwelling of a dragon that saved the Ute tribe. The dragon, sent by the Creator to swallow the waters of a great flood punishing humanity, falls asleep after drinking and turns to stone, forming the mountain.

Known as the “sleeping dragon” in the past, Cheyenne Mountain has been operating non-stop since the establishment of this complex in 1966. It’s strictly off-limits to enter, except for personnel analyzing global and space surveillance systems.

Theories About Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Cheyenne Mountain has been the subject of many conspiracy theories and speculations, often featured in post-apocalyptic scenarios and science fiction works. Like other fortified areas, theories about deep state, post-apocalyptic shelters, and aliens are prevalent here. Some theories suggest these types of facilities are a kind of ‘hub’ or center for communicating with aliens, implying that the American government actively communicates with extraterrestrials, and this communication is conducted from places like Cheyenne Mountain.

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