Are There Really Aliens in Area 51?

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Area 51, indisputably the world’s most enigmatic location, is situated in Nevada, USA, and is under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force. Officially known as the Nevada Test and Training Range, this facility is part of the Nellis Air Force Base, a military airbase owned by the United States Air Force.

Area 51 has gained such notoriety that it has made its mark in movies, series, and games. But what exactly makes this area so famous? The answer lies in the theories surrounding it.

Alien Conspiracy Theories

Located in a desolate area of the Nevada Desert, approximately 197 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas, the official stance is that Area 51 is merely a testing ground for advanced aircraft and weapons. However, the theories surrounding it are not so innocuous.

Theories regarding alien beings are often based on the famous 1947 Roswell incident, where it was alleged that a UFO crashed in New Mexico and the government covertly covered it up. It is said that the debris, and possibly the aliens themselves, were taken to Area 51 for analysis.

According to these theories, the US engineered experiments on the UFO remnants and alien bodies at Area 51 to advance spacecraft technology. Rumors spread that the US military conducted strange experiments on the spacecraft’s wreckage and kept its existence hidden from the American public.

Since then, Area 51 has remained a mystery for countless Americans. The source of these secrets is not just an odd name or official existence, nor the fact that it has not appeared on any US government maps for many years. Additionally, stories of aliens and unidentified flying objects told by residents around the area have further fueled the mystery.

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A June 2019 YouGov survey revealed that 54% of American adults believe the government knows more about UFOs than they disclose.

What are they hiding from us?

The area is constantly associated with aliens due to strange sounds and sightings of high-speed aircraft flying at unprecedented heights. Many still believe that A. 51 is a center for extraterrestrial activities, largely due to the intense military security around the base, which spurs onlookers to ask, “What are you hiding?”

The area is a beacon for both believers and skeptics, overflowing with museums, restaurants, hotels, space-themed exhibits, and festivals.

Entry to the area is strictly prohibited. It is even rumored that not even the President of the United States has clearance to enter. Hence, for years, A 51 has been legendary among conspiracy theorists and those interested in paranormal activities, believed to be a site where the US government conceals secrets about crashed UFOs and aliens.

As you approach the area, you’ll see signs warning “No Unauthorized Entry” and “Use of Deadly Force Authorized.” The area is under constant surveillance, with security often provided by a private security service, Wackenhut, and monitored using electronic and physical surveillance equipment.

In short, if you try to enter, you’ll either be caught or killed. But what if thousands tried to enter together? This thought led to a massive event to storm the area.

They Can’t Stop All of Us

The “They Can’t Stop All of Us” movement, named ‘Storm A 51’ on Facebook, attracted millions of people. Their goal was to raid Area 51 and see aliens, thinking the government wouldn’t dare shoot them in full view of the media.

The movement, which started on social media in 2019, encouraged people to collectively visit A 51 in Nevada, a secret military facility subject to numerous conspiracy theories, to “free the aliens.”

The person who created the event initially stated it was a joke, but interest grew exponentially. When millions marked the event as “attending” or “interested,” the situation was taken seriously. In fact, the US Air Force took it so seriously that they warned potential visitors about the dangers of the area and the legal consequences of unauthorized entry.

On the planned date, September 20, 2019, hundreds arrived in Nevada, but no one actually tried to enter Area 51. Most heeded the government’s warnings and instead participated in nearby festivals and events organized to capitalize on the tourism generated by the “A 51 Raid.”

Ultimately, the “Storm Area 51” movement remained largely an internet phenomenon, and the planned major raid never materialized.

Is it possible to enter Area 51 through astral projection?

In short, there’s no way to physically access the area. Not even through astral travel, which some spiritualism enthusiasts believing in astral projection might have considered. Theories suggest that Area 51 is protected not only in the physical realm but also in the astral plane.

According to this theory, those attempting astral travel to A 51 are stopped or hindered by entities known as “astral guardians” or “astral sentinels.”

So, even if you possess astral projection abilities, it’s advised not to attempt visiting Area 51 in the astral plane.

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