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Snedeker Family – The Family Assaulted by Invisible Entities

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What did the Snedeker family experience? Today, we will cover a poltergeist case that, perhaps, is not as well-known as others. The Snedeker family’s case is one of the more controversial and talked-about incidents in the realm of paranormal phenomena.

The case gained notoriety especially among paranormal communities and horror cinema enthusiasts due to the events experienced by the family.

Allen and Carmen, along with their three sons, daughter, and two nieces, moved to a modest white farmhouse in Southington, Connecticut, which had once served as a funeral home. In the basement, they discovered various funeral equipment, including lifts for caskets, a medical gurney, blood drains, and toe tags. Soon after, the Snedekers began to report all kinds of malevolence.

The incidents they experienced and reported included sexual assaults, apparitions, and sudden, severe personality changes in their eldest son, who was undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s disease, along with objects moving on their own, cold spots, strange odors, sensations of invisible entities touching them, and terrifying hallucinations. The family believed these peculiarities in the house were due to its former use as a funeral home, particularly the embalming procedures conducted in the basement.

The Warrens’ Involvement

Concerned about these paranormal events, the Snedeker family sought help from Ed and Lorraine Warren. After conducting a series of investigations and examinations, the Warrens declared the house to be haunted.

They believed that malevolent entities were present and harassing the family. Following their visit, a significant media campaign was launched around the case. The Snedeker family’s story was met with skepticism by many.

Skepticism and Criticism

Some believed the family exaggerated or completely fabricated their story. Despite the Warrens’ involvement, skepticism and doubts persisted. While some accepted these events as true paranormal experiences, others viewed the story as entirely fictional or exaggerated.

Even years later, the Snedeker family case remains a topic of debate among believers and skeptics of the paranormal. While some consider it a genuine case of haunting, others view it as an example of psychological phenomena or outright fabrication.

Cultural Impact

Nevertheless, the criticism did not hinder the story’s popularity. In 2002, a documentary on the events brought the Snedeker case back into the limelight. In 2009, the film “The Haunting in Connecticut” was released, regaining popularity and securing a lasting place in popular culture.

The Snedeker case is a notable example of how paranormal stories can capture public imagination and provoke discussions about the nature of reality and the supernatural.

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