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The Ouija Board and the Mystery of the Board’s Demon Zozo

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Some objects considered to be cursed are also linked to mystic or occult rituals. For example, a game board known as the “Ouija Board” is infamous for the dark energy it possesses.

This board is believed to potentially lead to dangerous outcomes when connecting individuals to malevolent spirits. The Zozo Board is an object filled with prophecies that have attracted the attention of many paranormal researchers.

In fact, this board, also known as Zozo Board and regarded as a mystic entity, is made of bone or wood and has letters and numbers on it. The purpose of the Ouija is to communicate with the dead and to gain knowledge about the past, present, and future. Born from our innate curiosity and desire, the Ouija serves as a bridge between this world and the afterlife.

Interestingly, the use of spirit boards dates back thousands of years, but the Zozo Board as we know it today emerged in the late 19th century. Like its name and purpose, the board’s story is somewhat cursed.

Who is the inventor of the Ouija Board?

The patent process for the Ouija board was lengthy. In the 1890s, Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard released the spirit board after obtaining its patent.

Elijah Bond’s Ouija Board Grave

However, William Fuld later claimed the invention as his own and sued the company, relentlessly pursuing this matter until his death.

William A. Fuld (right) and his sister, Katherine Fuld, ponder one of the Fuld company’s Ouija boards.

Although there is no clear information about the origin of the Ouija, an eerie and intriguing story is told. During a spirit summoning session when the Ouija was first invented, a spirit was asked to provide a name, to which it responded through the board as “Ouija,” meaning “Good luck” in Ancient Egyptian.

According to William Fuld, the word combines the French and German words for “Yes,” “Oui” and “Ja,” respectively. When using the Ouija, a pointer known as a “planchette” is employed.

The planchette is a small piece of wood with a glass hole in the middle. It is believed that looking through this hole reveals a glimpse into another dimension. If you look through this hole, you may see entities from another dimension. Thus, the Ouija is also known as the “Devil’s Eye.”

Ouija Board Can Be Dangerous

The number of people who believe in the effects of the Zozo Board and have participated in spirit summoning sessions is considerable. As a result, numerous studies have been conducted, articles written, and statements made by spirit experts and scientists about the dangers of the Ouija.

According to one study, it’s not necessarily the Zozo board itself but some of the entities you attempt to communicate with through it that can be dangerous. These entities, often angry spirits of those who died in tragic circumstances like murder or suicide, can lead you into perilous games. According to Islamic belief, these entities, though presenting themselves as spirits, are actually malicious beings.

The Ouija gained popularity with over 2 million sales in the year it was launched, even surpassing famous games like Monopoly.

If you try to burn or destroy a Zozo board, you might hear mysterious screams, and according to belief, you could be cursed. To completely destroy the board, it must be broken into seven pieces and buried. In some states in America, the sale of the Zozo board has been banned due to people using it as an excuse for their crimes.

Like any game, Ouija has its rules, and following these rules is important for safely completing a session. First, you must believe and be aware of the seriousness of the session. Avoid asking for physical things during spirit summoning and always end with a “Goodbye.” You must release the spirit before removing your hand from the planchette; otherwise, the spirit could be trapped in this world.

The Mystery of the Board’s Demon Zozo

So, what is Zozo, often mentioned in conjunction with the Ouija board? Zozo is a demonic, malevolent entity associated with the Zozo board, often regarded as negative and dangerous. In short, it’s a name or entity believed by some to manifest when communicating through the Ouija board.

The Zozo phenomenon starts when users of the Zozo board mention this name or entity during communication. Responses to questions directed at Zozo are often threatening, scary, and unsettling. It’s said to have tendencies to manipulate, frighten, and even harm in some cases.

There are old videos on YouTube regarding this. In one video, after the entity identifies itself as Zozo, it takes over the body of the person who called it, causing them pain.

In conclusion, there is no definitive proof regarding the demonic entity or phenomenon known as Zozo. However, it’s important to be cautious when communicating through the Zozo board, be aware of potential risks, and take safety precautions. Conducting research and seeking expert advice before any paranormal experience is also advisable. It’s important to warn against the intention of summoning malicious entities during sessions. In fact, it’s vital for your physical and mental health to stay away from such risky practices.

The Zozo board remained popular until the 1960s, was advertised in newspapers, and has become a part of popular culture today. It’s also made its impact in the cinema industry.

If you haven’t seen them yet, I recommend watching “Ouija: Origin of Evil” (2016), which narrates the origins of the Ouija, and “Ouija” (2014). The 2012 U.S. film “I Am ZoZo” might also interest you.

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