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The Legend of the Busby’s Stoop Chair: Is This Chair Cursed?

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The chilling story of the legendary Busby’s stoop chair traces back to the death of Thomas Busby. In a heated argument, Tom fatally struck his opponent with a hammer and was sentenced to death in 1702.

However, he had one last request: to have a glass of whiskey at his favorite bar. After finishing his drink, Tom ominously declared, “Death will come swiftly to anyone who sits in my chair.”

Following Tom’s execution, his curse was initially dismissed, yet for a decade, no one dared to sit in the cursed chair. The legend began to take shape when a chimney sweep, unknowingly seated in the chair, met a tragic end shortly after. The bar gained notoriety as each subsequent sitter of the chair encountered misfortunes.

Busby’s stoop chair

In 1966, the bar owner, Anthony Earnshaw, renamed the chair as “Busby Chair Two.” A series of eerie deaths followed. A healthy sergeant from the British Army insisted on sitting in the chair and unexpectedly died three days later.

In 1973, a construction worker tempted fate by sitting in the chair, only to fall to his death hours later. A young pilot laughed off the legend, only to crash his car moments later. Even an accidental brush with the chair by a cleaner led to her untimely death from brain cancer.

To protect the public, the bar owner hid the chair. However, a dinner delivery person, intrigued by the legend, sat on it and was fatally struck by a truck that same evening.

A Tale of Curses and Fatal Consequences

Joseph Mainwaying-Taylor, a local priest, confirmed the evil presence in the Busby’s stoop chair, yet his blessings proved ineffective. The “cursed chair” from Yorkshire, England, had claimed 65 victims by its 18th anniversary, including a young American woman, Melissa Doloni, who was mauled by wild dogs after her encounter with the chair.

Her friend, Gaila Gunby, remarked, “Melissa, a skeptic of mysticism, thought it was foolish.” Yet, Melissa’s daring act on her 18th birthday had a tragic outcome.

Renowned historian Nigel Stowel investigated these incidents. Despite suggesting the deaths were mere accidents, he noted that each death involved inexplicable circumstances. The latest victim, Anne Conelatter, a 37-year-old accountant from New York, met her demise in a hotel elevator malfunction after sitting in the chair.

When asked why he didn’t destroy the cursed chair, bar owner Tony Earnshaw responded about Busby’s stoop chair, “The chair was a creation of history, and it’s not my place to interfere. I warn everyone about the danger. If someone chooses to tempt fate, it’s their responsibility.”

Busby’s stoop chair

The chair was eventually donated to a local museum, where it’s displayed, securely mounted to a wall, accompanied by a detailed explanation of the legend, a list of the victims, and a warning about the gallows’ curse.

Busby’s stoop chair

While historians like Nigel Stowel may regard these tragic deaths as mere coincidences, many still believe in the curse and the chair’s dangers. Ironically, Stowel himself has never sat in the chair…

The cursed chair continues to be a subject of fascination and controversy among those who explore mystical and enigmatic events.”

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