How did Michael Jackson Transform into Teddy Perkins?

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Unveiling the Mystery: Michael Jackson’s Transformation into Teddy Perkins

The American comedy-drama television series ‘Atlanta,’ developed by Donald Glover, explores the experiences of two cousins striving to make a name for themselves in the rap industry.

Its second season featured the sixth episode titled ‘Teddy Perkins,’ which aired on April 5, 2018. Teddy Perkins, a fictional character portrayed by Donald Glover, was central to this episode. As you may know, the details and clues given by the character in the series closely paralleled those associated with Michael Jackson.

The similarities between the Benny character mentioned by Teddy Perkins and Michael Jackson were strikingly eerie.

The details Teddy Perkins shared about his brother were intriguing. He spoke of his brother still being alive, potentially returning with a fantastic album, and being unable to go outside anymore due to a skin disease.

Michael Jackson

You’re already familiar with this because our channel has produced several videos on this topic in the past.

However, today what I want to discuss is what Michael Jackson might have been trying to communicate through the Teddy Perkins episode.

Did Michael Jackson Forgive His Father?

As you may know, Michael Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson, treated Michael very poorly during his childhood.

In many interviews, Michael Jackson often expressed his sadness about this, as it left a deep trauma in him. However, Michael had stated that he loved his father and had forgiven him.

But did Michael Jackson truly forgive his father? And did he start to believe that his father’s past actions were justified?

In other words, did Michael think that his father’s actions were for their future betterment? Let’s see what Teddy tries to tell us about this…

Teddy clearly states that his father, like Joseph Jackson, was a father who physically punished him and his brother.

But as Teddy Perkins grew up, he understood that his father’s beatings were necessary for their future, for them to achieve better positions in life.

And he expresses that his father’s punishments were necessary for their discipline.

So, Teddy justifies his father’s actions and describes them as discipline.

So, for Teddy Perkins and his brother to reach good positions, their father had to be disciplined because a young child can never know what is best for themselves.
This is entirely Teddy’s thought, and he clearly states that he is not angry with his father.

Great things come from great pain

Indeed, Teddy was not angry with his father. He tried to understand him and eventually accepted that “great things come from great pain.”

And Teddy Perkins, dedicating this part of the museum to great fathers, starts listing famous people’s fathers.

But when he mentions his own father and then Michael Jackson’s father, he sends a significant message.

“When he mentions ‘My father, Joe Jackson,’ we understand that he is referring to Joe Jackson, confirming that his father is Joe Jackson.

So, if Michael Jackson is trying to send us a message through Teddy, what should we understand from this?

Could it be that Michael has forgiven his father and doesn’t want us to speak ill of him?

Perhaps Michael is trying to communicate that his father played a significant role in his journey to stardom and deserves respect?

Was Joseph’s Only Purpose Discipline?

Especially since Michael had already informed us that he forgave and loved his father, why do some of his fans still judge him?

If you watch our interview with Joseph’s friend Tony, you can understand that certain events need to be viewed in the context of their time and generation.

It’s likely that Joseph too did not receive love from his father. He didn’t know what love was and couldn’t show something he didn’t know to his children.

Why can’t we forgive him? Was the discipline he applied to Michael not crucial in Michael becoming a great star?

As Teddy Perkins said, ‘great things come from great pain.’ Would Prophet Joseph have become a sultan in Egypt if he hadn’t been thrown into a well?

Why can’t we forgive him?

If Joseph hadn’t been a disciplined father, and if Michael hadn’t suffered during his childhood, he might have joined gangs of the era or become a lost talent without dedicating himself to music, and we would have never known him.

A child who doesn’t experience pain, doesn’t see the harsh realities of life, and doesn’t have a disciplined father might not cling to music and work hard.

Of course, a father should never be violent towards his child; this is a very wrong method. There could have been other ways to instill discipline, but as I said, Joseph had seen this in his family.

He believed it was the right thing for his children. And yes, as a father, he did things he shouldn’t have. But we all have our mistakes and sins. And by the way, we know the episode ends tragically.

When we see the end of the story, we might think that the psychological issues Benny and Teddy faced could be the traumas inflicted by their father.

Perhaps even though Michael had forgiven his father, he wanted to show the lasting effects of the traumas he caused.

Yes, Michael and his siblings reached great heights of fame under their father’s discipline, but they lacked love.

They suffered a significant trauma because they were not loved.
I think Michael, while showing respect for Joseph’s discipline, wanted to indicate that he still hadn’t forgotten his father’s mistreatment.

Even if you reach good positions in your career, if you haven’t received love from a father or mother, you feel a significant void, and you never forget it.

Michael wanted to show that children who don’t experience a father’s love never forget it and can have lasting psychological effects.

What Was Michael Trying to Tell Us?

So, in this story, Michael wants to show us that two different viewpoints can both seem right when looked at from different perspectives.

Joseph believed his method was correct, but it wasn’t entirely right. Discipline and love needed to be balanced. A child can’t be raised without discipline, nor without love.

But Joseph himself had experienced this from his family, where love was not shown. Let’s leave the judgement to Allah.

After all, while Michael has forgiven his father, it’s not right for us to still speak ill of Joseph. Do you still want to speak badly of him?

Then let’s throw a stone at him. But as Jesus said, let the one who is without sin cast the first stone. Who will start?

Benny is alive and will soon emerge with a fantastic album

As you may recall, Teddy Perkins showed a photo of his brother, but the photo was an old one of Michael Jackson, with only the face part photoshopped.

In short, the series wanted to portray Teddy Perkins’s brother as Michael Jackson.

Teddy Perkins said Benny was alive, couldn’t go out anymore due to a skin disease, but might one day return with a fantastic album.

Could Michael Jackson be trying to tell us that he will return with a fantastic album and make a significant impact on history?

The Mysterious Person at the Emmy Awards

Next, there were the Emmy Awards. The Teddy Perkins character also attended the ceremony. However, while Donald Glover, who played Teddy, was expected to be inside the character, we saw Donald Glover alongside Teddy.

After this photo, people were surprised and debated who was dressed as Teddy Perkins. Representatives for Atlanta FX told Vanity Fair they have “no clue” who came to the #Emmys dressed as the mysterious Teddy Perkins.

So, no one knew who Teddy Perkins was that day. Everyone was clueless about the identity of this mysterious man, except for one person…

That was Donald Glover. Teddy was respectable enough for Donald to button up his jacket in front of him.

Teddy Perkins is Michael Jackson?

Does anyone come to mind? Yes, millions of fans think that this person was Michael Jackson. So, what message was Michael trying to convey with this?

First, the fact that the Teddy Perkins episode won 2 awards. Michael wanted to show that he could be successful not only in the music industry but also in the film industry. After all, Michael’s dream was to be a director.


Second, Michael Jackson wanted to show his fans that he was brave and skilled enough in disguise to attend such a prestigious and high-profile event unnoticed, in his own essence, with a crazy disguise and different outfit.

Only his fans could recognize him. And he wanted to show himself only to his fans. The reason for all these craziness was his love for his fans.

Just like the craziness he did in Dave Dave disguise, the only reason for doing this madness at a high-profile award ceremony was his fans.

Third, Michael showed that he could disguise himself as anyone, enter anywhere in any disguise without being recognized.

Fourth and finally, at the end of the Teddy Perkins episode, Teddy Perkins had died. But we all saw him at the Emmy Awards.

Because fiction and reality are entirely different. The death of Teddy, like Michael Jackson’s, was just a fiction. He was still walking among us.

Teddy Perkins is still alive. Those who think he’s dead are just believers in fiction…

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