Where the Antichrist Lives? Why is This Island So Heavily Guarded?

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Christians call this entity the Antichrist, while Muslims know it as Dajjal. Could there be forces protecting the Antichrist on this island?

Could the Antichrist be on an Island in the Bermuda Triangle?

Google’s mapping service allows us to see almost every corner of the world, but there are some points that even Google keeps hidden. There are many regions and areas that are unseen and prohibited on Google. Among these, the most mysterious is an island within the boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle.

On this island, there is a temple closed to tourism, guarded by warships.
It is alleged that the government, in collaboration with an agency conducting research for the Apocalypse or Armageddon, is protecting this island. The secret defense developed by this agency is named ‘temple.’

Do you know who this agency is defending itself against and preparing to counterattack? According to the beliefs of the Abrahamic religions, it is the savior who will protect humanity against a being named the Antichrist near the end of times. Allegedly, this agency serving evil powers is trying to develop a defense against the Mahdi or Messiah figure mentioned in the Abrahamic religions.

So, according to this theory, an evil power is being preserved on this island. But who or what is hidden on this island?

Could the Antichrist, who, according to religious beliefs, will come near the end of times claiming to be the creator, have been found by evil forces? (The Antichrist, particularly in Islamic belief, is a figure believed to plunge the world into turmoil and chaos before the apocalypse.)

Some theorists believe that the Antichrist might be living on this island. Yes, you heard right. The secret defense developed by the agency is named ‘temple,’ and it’s an organization preparing for the apocalypse. But what is this temple?

According to religious narratives, a being named the Antichrist lives in a temple on an unknown island. Has anyone ever reached this temple?

Tamim al-Dari’s Encounter with the Antichrist (Dajjal)

Islamic sources tell a story that happened to the companion Tamim al-Dari.
During a sea voyage with a group of 30 people, they faced unexpectedly harsh weather conditions.

After struggling with storms and waves for a month, they saw an island at sunset and headed towards it. Arriving at the island, they encountered a creature with strange hairs on its body, neither human nor animal, but able to speak like humans. The creature, called “Jassasah,” directed them to a monastery where a man eagerly awaited them. Thinking the creature was a demon, they quickly went to the temple-like building. Inside, they found a very tall, large man, with his hands tied to his neck and chained to a corner.

This story leads to the belief that the entity referred to as the Antichrist lives on an island. Even on Piri Reis’s map, a mysterious island is depicted.

Is there the Antichrist in Piri Reis’s Map?

Could this island, drawn with such detail on Piri Reis’s map that it could only have been made from an aerial view, be the one in question?

Piri Reis’s map

Piri Reis, on his 1513 map, marked an island in red and depicted a half-human, half-monster creature nearby, which has remained a mystery for centuries. This mystery on Piri Reis’s map is thought to be connected to the Antichrist.

Piri Reis provided general information about the region’s wildlife and underground riches with the figures and notes he added to his map. One of these figures resembles a half-human, half-animal creature, much like the Jassasah encountered on the island. Piri Reis added an intriguing note about this creature.

“This monster is seven spans tall, and the distance between its eyes is one span. But it is tame and harmless.”

What was this creature Piri Reis referred to as a monster living on the island? Was the island he marked the same one that is now censored?

Currently, we only know that something very important and secret is being protected on the island and that we could never access it, even if we wanted to.

According to Christian belief, the false Messiah

In Christianity, the concept corresponding to the Islamic idea of Dajjal is known as the “Antichrist.”

The term Antichrist appears in the New Testament, particularly in the letters of John and the Book of Revelation.

However, the meaning of this term and the figure it represents have been the subject of many interpretations and theories throughout history.

In the Book of Revelation, the term “Antichrist” is not used directly, but many Christians believe that the “beast” or “Creature” mentioned there refers to the Antichrist. It is proposed that this beast will emerge in the last days and cause a period of great deception and persecution.

Throughout history, some Christian theologians and writers have argued that the Antichrist will be a real person.

As a result, the concept of the “Antichrist” in Christianity represents a figure similar to the “Dajjal” in Islam. Both concepts are associated with a figure that will emerge in the end times, deceive many people, and test religious beliefs.

What the Prophet Muhammad of Islam said about the Antichrist

Near the time of his death, the Islamic prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) addressed his followers and described Dajjal with these words:

“I fear for you regarding other things more than the Dajjal. If he appears while I am among you, I will contend with him. But if he appears after I am gone, then each person must defend themselves against him. And Allah will protect believers from his evil. Dajjal is a young man with curly hair and a protruding eye. Whoever among you sees him should recite the opening (and closing) verses of Surah Al-Kahf. He will emerge from somewhere between Syria and Iraq and spread his evil to all sides. O servants of Allah, keep your faith and resist!”

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) described Dajjal as “One-eyed; the greatest fitna (trial) to appear before the Day of Judgment,” emphasizing the terrible calamity he represents.

According to belief, this entity will emerge near the end of times, claiming to be first a prophet and then a god, posing a great test for believers.

This entity, serving evil, is described in Islam as a significant trial and temptation. The emergence of Dajjal is seen as a means to test people in their faith.
Islamic narratives of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) state that Dajjal will have many miraculous-like abilities, but these will manifest only with Allah’s permission. Dajjal will try to use these abilities to lead people astray from their faith, but true believers will be protected from his tribulation.

To combat Dajjal, it is believed that Allah will send Jesus Christ back to Earth.

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