Myth or Reality?

Are Mermaid Myth or Reality? Eyewitnesses of Famous Explorers

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Are mermaid, often the subject of many legends, real? Discover the enchanting world of mermaids – from ancient legends to modern sightings. Dive into the mystery of these mythical sea creatures and explore the fascinating blend of folklore and reality.

Depicted as creatures with a human upper body and a fish-like lower body, mermaid have been portrayed in numerous cultures worldwide as real beings, sharing similar appearances. Many believe in their existence, though they argue these beings are not as beautiful as depicted in fairy tales. The legends of these half-human, half-fish beings date back to 5000 BC. The most significant evidence supporting their existence comes from Christopher Columbus’s accounts.

Did Christopher Columbus See the Mermaid?

The explorer who discovered America, Christopher Columbus, noted during his voyages that he saw mermaids, but they were not as attractive as described and were quite ugly.

Christopher Columbus

In his 1493 expedition near Haiti, Columbus mentioned in his journal seeing three mermaids, stating: “The day before yesterday, I saw three Mermaids, but their faces were not as beautiful as they are represented. I had encountered them before near Malagueta in Africa, Guinea.”

Did Henry Hudson See the Mermaid?
Henry Hudson

Famous explorer Henry Hudson also recorded in his logbook in 1608 near Norway, an incident witnessed by a crew member: “This morning, a companion looking from the deck saw a mermaid… Her back and breasts were like a woman’s. Her body was as big as ours, her skin very white, and she had long black hair flowing behind. They saw her tail when she dived, resembling that of a porpoise and speckled like a mackerel.”

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Talked About Sea People

Sufi thinker Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi in his main work, Al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya, speaks of certain human-like beings living in the depths of the seas: “Among them are the water men, who worship Allah in the water and along riverbanks, unknown to everyone.”

Did Mevlana Shemseddin Hanefi Meet with People Living in the Sea?

In Imam Sharani’s work, Tabakat-ul-Kubra, there are accounts of Mevlana Shemseddin Hanefi, believed to have miraculous powers, interacting with sea-dwelling humans.

“He would visit those living underwater. Who he spoke with or conversed with was unknown. For instance, he would dive into the sea and stay there for hours, but when he emerged, his clothes were not wet.”

The Theosophist Erhard Brezner Also Saw the Mermaid

According to Theosophist Erhard Brezner, mermaids are not just fairy tales but reality. He claimed to have seen mermaid, depicting them in detailed paintings. Brezner described them as protectors of the seas, visible to human eyes, and claimed the open seas were full of them.

They swam faster than fish, diving deep and then suddenly surfacing, especially loving stormy seas. In his book, Brezner describes mermaids as human-looking but genderless beings with the upper body of a young girl, long wavy black hair, reddish-brown skin, and very muscular. They ranged in height from 130 to 150 centimeters. Those living in shallower waters were thinner with blue-green skin, dark blond hair, and blue eyes.

They only emerged to the surface or land to help humans or animals in need. They could communicate with all sea creatures, caring for them with maternal affection and healing their ailments. Not all sea inhabitants could see them, but their help made life easier. Mermaid were also known to have saved sailors from sunken ships and to warn captains against stormy seas with their advanced minds.

However, there are two different attitudes in the tales of mermaids. Some mermaids would sing to sailors, enchanting them, distracting them from their duties, and causing them to fall overboard or, worse, causing the ship to sink.

Some mermaids would sing to sailors

In other stories, mermaid are depicted as kind-hearted sea creatures saving drowning men and inviting them to live in their underwater kingdoms.

Are the Recorded Videos Real?

Although there are hundreds of videos claiming to have captured mermaid today, most are clearly fictional.

An Image Claimed to Be a Real Mermaid Corpse

In Animal Planet’s 2011 documentary, Mermaids: The Body Found, ancient cave paintings discovered in Egypt depicting mermaids were shown, suggesting they might have hidden from humans due to conflicts. The documentary created a buzz, but it was soon revealed that these paintings were artistically created by Animal Planet, and the documentary was fictional.

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