Did Adolf Hitler Find the Location of the Underground Civilization Agartha?

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Hello everyone, dear mystery enthusiasts. In our previous article, we had written an extensive piece about the subterranean civilization of Agartha, discussing its connections to various religions, cultural beliefs, and including the journal entries of Admiral Richard Byrd, who had visited this mysterious place.

However, we left some topics partially uncovered. In this article, we will delve into Hitler’s detailed involvement with Agartha. We will then share the accounts of a woman who came to our world from the Hollow Earth. If your coffee is ready, let’s begin…

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Hitler’s Obsession with Agartha

Firstly, I want to clarify that Hitler’s obsession was not limited to Agartha alone. He had a general fascination with mysticism – an intense curiosity about mysterious events. This curiosity sometimes turned into an obsession, and Agartha was one of them. He was ready to seek help from paranormal forces or even aliens to win wars for his country. You might have heard about his extensive search for the sacred Ark of the Covenant, mentioned in holy texts.

Did Adolf Hitler Find the Underground Civilization Agartha?

He believed that whoever possessed the Ark would never lose a war. In this pursuit, he mobilized all his resources, just as he did in his quest to find Agartha. Hitler knew about Agartha’s advanced technology and was ready to give everything to reach it, making plans for a crazy action.

Did Adolf Hitler Find the Underground Civilization Agartha?

In 1922, a naval officer named Tirpitz compiled his travel experiences in a book titled ‘Memories of the Great Admiral Tirpitz’. One of its fanatic readers was Adolf Hitler, who believed in the existence of an entrance to the Inner World. After Hitler came to power in 1933, he ordered the collection of all information related to Agartha.

In 1936, Adolf Hitler decided to send a research team to the Inner World. Hitler believed that ancient lost German civilizations existed in the Inner World. He commanded the general staff and air force commander Herman Göring to direct the naval and air forces to explore the opening in the South Pole and rediscover the lost German civilization in the Inner World. Hitler thought he was close to a great secret after obtaining information about Agartha and Shambhala from Tibetan monks. According to the information he obtained, one of the entrances to the Hollow Earth was at the poles.

In 1938, the Nazis dispatched an exploration unit consisting of 3 submarines and 5 ships to the poles. After mapping the region in detail, the unit identified an entry point to the Hollow Earth. The German team, comprising military and scientific experts, penetrated through an opening 200 km wide and advanced 800 km. On entering a valley where the land abruptly ended and the ice and snow cover vanished, the team finally arrived at the Inner World.

Did Adolf Hitler Find the Underground Civilization Agartha?

According to their claims, they landed in a country inhabited by people speaking an ancient German dialect. These people were supposedly descendants of German soldiers lost in the Amazon in 1572. Of course, we can’t be sure whether these narratives were fabricated by Hitler and the Nazis to glorify their own race and power. However, it’s evident that Hitler and his team extensively researched the Hollow Earth, as documents related to these 1938 explorations fell into the hands of American and British intelligence services with the occupation of Germany in 1945.

Among the seized documents were a 100-page report on the Inner World by the Germans and 300 photographs. Following the acquisition of these documents, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill became concerned that the Nazis had established a base in the Hollow Earth, where they were developing advanced weaponry for a potential new assault. Consequently, the British initiated investigations into the Hollow Earth, interrogating thousands of German soldiers and forwarding the information to the CIA.


Based on the CIA’s report, American President Harry Truman ordered the U.S. Navy to conduct a secret operation on August 26, 1946, named “Operation Highjump”. The operation, comprising 13 ships, 33 aircraft, and 4,700 personnel, was officially aimed at establishing an American research station in the region and conducting electromagnetic, geographical, geological, and meteorological studies.

However, its ultimate goal was rumored to be entering the Hollow Earth and locating the Nazi base. The crew reached what was believed to be the entrance to the Hollow Earth at Whale Bay. Here, as later statements by soldiers suggested, the crew suffered heavy losses from attacks by disk-shaped vehicles emerging from underwater. Losing 18 personnel, 3 ships, and 8 aircraft, the team was forced to retreat. However, the media was told that the losses were due to a boiler explosion and an avalanche.

Although science deems life inside the Earth as nearly impossible, as we know, there are many truths hidden from us. According to geology, if you drill a hole into the Earth and descend, the temperature should increase due to proximity to the magma, making life at such temperatures nearly impossible. However, 12 km deep underground drillings in Kazakhstan have found the temperature to remain constant, challenging the established geology literature.

Considering all these factors and the confessions we’ve heard, it’s evident that there are thousands of mysterious events hidden from us. Therefore, I believe it’s wrong to always try to align such mysterious events with science, especially when it comes to secrets that could change the course of world history. Why would they reveal such a mystery to us? And science hasn’t completely denied it.

According to the Swiss mathematician, physicist, astronomer, geographer, logician, and pioneer in numerous other fields, including analytic number theory, topology, complex analysis, and infinitesimal calculus, Leonhard Euler, the Inner Earth does exist.

“The Earth is a hollow shell with a sun at its center and holes at the poles.”

-Leonhard Euler

As you can see, as mentioned in the first part, scientists are not completely closed to the idea of the Hollow Earth. Now, let’s return to Hitler. So, what happened to Hitler?

Was Hitler’s Death Real?

Many things have been said about Hitler’s fate, but the common belief is that Hitler, along with his life partner Eva Braun and SS assistants, first escaped to Argentina and then to the South Pole, where they lived for a long time.

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It is said that he led a modest life in Buenos Aires and died at the age of 90. As is well known, Adolf Hitler allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in his underground bunker, the Führerbunker, in Berlin on April 30, 1945, while Eva Braun also took cyanide to end her life.

Did Adolf Hitler Find the Underground Civilization Agartha?

However, millions believe that this was a deception and that Hitler did not die in 1945 but lived a modest life until the age of 90. In fact, in a 1947 survey, 51% of participating Americans believed that Hitler was still alive. Many in Argentina claimed to have seen Hitler. Investigators from the History Channel’s series “Hunting Hitler” claimed to have found secret documents and witnesses stating that Hitler escaped Germany via submarine to South America. After the war, Western Allied forces accepted Hitler’s suicide, but lacked sufficient evidence to conclusively support this outcome.

Did Adolf Hitler Find the Underground Civilization Agartha?

A skull fragment believed to belong to Hitler was DNA tested in 2009 by a bone specialist archaeologist on History’s ‘MysteryQuest’ (an American Paranormal TV program) at the University of Connecticut. The tests revealed that the samples belonged to a woman under the age of 40.

On September 25, 1945, a special agent of the US Counter Intelligence Corp in Austria, John V. Lapurke, provided a credible report that Hitler had gone to Argentina. At that time, Walter Glockel, Personnel Director at Steyr Auto Works, Steyr, reported meeting with former Mauser Arms Works Berlin director Von Leon on September 20, 1945, in Bezirk Steyr, who claimed that a friend in Berlin told him Adolf Hitler was now living in La Falda, Argentina.

“Mr. Eichorn, who hosted Hitler, came from a German family settled in Argentina and had been a supporter of Nazi philosophy from the start and was a close friend of Hitler. According to Von Leon, Hitler arrived in Argentina on a German submarine, having undergone facial surgery en route. It was even claimed that Hitler changed not only his appearance but his name as well, going by ‘Adolf Schrittelmayor’.”

J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, in a letter dated November 13, 1945, to the American embassy

in Buenos Aires, stated there was strong evidence that Hitler was in Argentina and was being assisted by Walter and Ida Bonfert Eichorn, providing detailed information.

In recent years, documents leaked by an agent inside the CIA, code-named Cimelody-3, reported that a former member of Hitler’s secret police claimed “Hitler was alive.” According to these documents, a soldier named Philip Citroen supposedly met with Hitler once a month in Colombia. These documents also suggest that the CIA did not believe in Hitler’s death and were continuously tracking his whereabouts.

Such findings have not only convinced the CIA but also the public of the possibility that Hitler might have survived. This belief has become so widespread that it is featured in modern TV series, films, and programs.

In George Steiner’s controversial novel ‘The Portage to San Cristobal’, Hitler survives the war and, after 30 years, escapes to the Amazon forest when found and tried by Nazi hunters. The CGI anime film ‘Lupin III: The First’ (2019) features Interpol spreading a fake rumor that Hitler is alive and living in Brazil to save fanatical Ahnenerbe followers. The 2020 Amazon Prime TV series ‘Hunters’ discovers that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun are living in Argentina in 1977.

Such narratives have made the topic of Hitler’s survival a subject in various media. Some conspiracy theorists even believe that Hitler was moved to the Hollow Earth, where aging is thought to be less prevalent.

Although it may seem far-fetched, there’s substantial material, which the CIA seriously considered for a long time, suggesting that Hitler did not die in 1945. The mystery hunter, Adolf Hitler, closely interested in the Hollow Earth, is he dead or not? This is something we may never be able to prove, but I believe Hitler will always remain a mystery to us. Now, let’s look at what Sharula, who claimed to have been sent from Agartha in 1980 to enlighten the surface world, had to say.

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