The Mysterious Woman Sharula from the Underground Civilization Agartha

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In 1725, a woman named Sharula, who claimed to be born in an underground city (from Agartha) called Telos, emerged in California in the 1980s. According to Sharula, Telos is one of the five major cities located in Agartha.

Sharula’s narrative goes as follows:

‘We, the people of Agartha, always live with kindness and love, harboring no evil. We never entertain bad thoughts or attract evil. Our people live in the inner world and none of them wish to live in your world, on the surface. They never surface to the ground.


Why don’t we want to live on the surface? If you ask why we live underground, here’s the answer; For hundreds of thousands of years, we scanned the surface. After the wars of Atlantis and MU, your surface world became uninhabitable. The weapons used in the war by Atlanteans were thermonuclear and had extensive effects.


Most significant impact was making your surface world uninhabitable. The deserts like Sahara and Gobi were formed as a result of these wars. The deserts you see in your time are the smallest remnants from that war.

During the war, many people fled underground. A lot of information and written records were brought to us. We warmly welcomed all who came from our lineage. They started living with us and never thought of returning. Now, as the descendants of those who lived at that time, we also do not wish to return to the surface. We have five major cities: Posit, Samonse, Rama, Shingwa, and Telos.

Posit corresponds to under the Mato plains of Brazil in your world. It is a remote city with a population of 1.33 million. Our city of Samonse is a haven of the Ulgur culture. A branch of the MU fled to this city to escape the war. It is a city under the Himalayas with a population of 4 million. Our city of Rana is very close to India with a population of

1 million. Shingwa, created by the northern migrants of the Ulgurs, is near the border of Mongolia and has a population of 4 million. The city of Telos, where I come from, is very close to the United States, California. It is a city inhabited by spiritually and telepathically powerful individuals, with a population of 1.5 million.

From this point, the following questions are asked to Sharula: How can millions of people live underground? How do you meet your needs?

Answer: Entry and exit to our cities are subject to what we call an energy dome. Our cities consist of structures that are spread across five levels.

The first level contains high-level trade, education, and administrative centers. It is a pyramid-shaped structure, capable of accommodating 50,000 people. This structure houses government buildings, judicial systems, courts, and the like.

These names are in terms you understand, as we do not use these terms. We explain in terms you can understand. Foreign ambassadors are received and hosted in this level building. There is also a space exit, and descendants of the MU royalty live on this level. Decisions about food and clothing distribution are made by institutions on this level.

The second level contains our production centers and residential areas. Small-roomed residential areas have been established for every family. Everything needed for life is available on this level.

Our third-level structures include gardens, forests, water, and everything necessary for life. We meet all our needs such as fruits and vegetables from gardens on level 3.

The fourth level contains natural and park areas. We meet our need for air from these park areas.

The fifth level is very natural for us and is located about 2 km below the surface. This is the level closest to you. There are many animals on this level. The animals here live in their natural environment without any interference. There are both carnivores and herbivores.

The languages we use are as follows. Each city has different dialects. The language known to you as the Sun Language, which we call solaramaru, is widely spoken.

Note: The Sun Language Theory is a linguistic theory that claims all languages in the world originated from Turkish. According to this theory, Turkish is among the first languages in the history of the world. The theory was especially supported and developed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who attached great importance to this subject and even published a book about it.”

Agartha Map

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Sharula: Our government structure is maintained by the Council of Twelve, along with Ra, Ranamu, and six men and six women. These individuals form the government and solve all kinds of problems.

Ra and Ranamu provide a divine protection area due to their divine loyalties, meaning they look after religious matters. Our high priest is a risen master named Adama. In Agartha, we don’t use money. All the needs of the inhabitants are met by the government. However, a barter system is also in place. Anyone can trade anything with anyone they wish.

As for transportation, we have a system similar to what you call elevators or escalators. We also have a system like your metro for intercity travel, which moves at a speed of 3000 kilometers per hour. Additionally, we have a gateway to space and spaceships waiting for those who pass through the gate.

If I were to explain our computer network systems, we don’t have technology like yours, so our system is quite different. Our information network is based on amino acids and operates through nerve networks. We understand if someone needs something, their bodily deficiencies, or desires, through the signals they send to the main center and can detect diseases early on.

We use our computer systems for health purposes or for the well-being of the inhabitants. For issues requiring extensive information, we turn to the Akashic records and find solutions from the information we access there.

Regarding entertainment, we have all kinds of art. Thanks to our technology, we can also watch events that happened in the past. Birth occurs in the same way as in your world and is considered a very sacred process. Pregnant women listen to beautiful music throughout their pregnancy and maintain positive thoughts.

The purpose here is to convey beauty to the baby through good thoughts. Birth takes place underwater, and after birth, the baby is taken to the temple. Our physical appearances are very diverse due to the variety of cultures among us.

We have many different height ratios. While the inhabitants of Telos range in height from 1.60 to 1.90 meters, those living in Shamballa average between 3 to 3.5 meters. The concept of age is very different. It’s far beyond your understanding because we have two different lifespans. Those who choose the first life live for nearly a hundred years, while those who choose the other life live for thousands of years.

The first life is physical, the second is etheric. Ascension is taught in the temples, and those who experience ascension are the ones who live for thousands of years. Ascension is important for everyone, but not everyone achieves it.

We are tasked with conveying information to a few brave people in your world, and when our mission is complete, we return. All our cities are habitable. They are always open to those who have completed their spiritual development and have hearts filled with goodness and love. Even if not today, you will live in these cities in the future. This is inevitable. Currently, we are no longer in these cities.

Only the people we left in charge are there for control purposes. We continue our lives elsewhere in the universe and await the participation of the good ones among you in the cities in the future. Our paths will cross one day, but for this crossing, you will have to leave many things behind. What you will experience as people of the world will be a repetition of your past experiences, and you will join us again.

Sharula’s final words serve as a warning. If we cannot stop this bad course and live with love, the events of the past will be repeated, and we may have to migrate underground or to another planet due to the uninhabitable conditions on Earth.

After providing this information, Sharula suddenly disappeared and has not been heard from again. There is no proof that her story is true, but the message is clear. If we cannot learn to live with love, the Earth will turn away from us. Stay with love, farewell…”

This translation presents Sharula’s detailed descriptions of the societal structure, technology, and lifestyle of Agartha, emphasizing their advanced and harmonious way of living.

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