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Y. Village – The Visitors: The True Story Behind the Game

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Released on the gaming platform Steam on January 29, 2024, the game Y. Village – The Visitors is actually inspired by true events.

The game was written and directed by Batuhan Gündüz, with coding completed by Latif Güngör.

Batuhan Gündüz Y. Village The Visitors Game Director

Batuhan Gündüz is also a professional film director and screenwriter.

Latif Güngör had previously prepared the play “SUKUR”. The game received a very good score.

Developed by Batuhan Gündüz and Latif Güngör, the game is based on events that took place in the past in an unnamed village referred to as “Y. Village.”

The game draws inspiration from events that occurred in an Anatolian village in the 1980s.

Inspired by these events, Batuhan Gündüz fictionalized the story and incorporated it into the game.

The story, inspired and fictionalized, is summarized as follows:

In the 1980s, a fog suddenly envelops the village, and with this fog, entities dressed in black visit the village, causing many people to disappear along with them.

Of course, you know that the events inspired by it are not 100% accurate. But there were many terrible events in the village in question and they even made a documentary about it.

What is the objective of the game?

Batu, plagued by recurring nightmares of an unknown village, finds his life upended by a mysterious letter left at his doorstep one day. The letter bears a chilling message: “Do you wish to be free from your nightmares? We await you…”

The next day, the mystery deepens with the arrival of a second note revealing the name of the village: “Y. Village.” Unsure of who beckons him and wary of potential dangers, Batu gathers a group to venture to the village. However, as they approach its boundaries, they’re confronted by an unsettling figure in a gas mask, instilling fear in the group. All but Batu are consumed by terror, for he claims he cannot see this person. Believing his friends to be hallucinating from fear, Batu presses on.

Now, only one friend remains by Batu’s side as they journey into the village. They’re welcomed by Hasan, a hospitable local. Everything seems ordinary until Batu awakens in the night to a piercing siren, revealing the village’s true horrifying nature. For his friend is no longer in bed and has vanished.

Can Batu locate his friend, unravel the village’s mystery, and escape? What has drawn Batu to this village? What secrets await to be unveiled in the village? In this village filled with mysteries, what startling conclusion awaits Batu?


The narrative within the game is inspired and adapted from a true event.

The game’s screenplay was penned by a professional horror film screenwriter. (Batuhan Gündüz)


The village in the game has been designed based on a real-life village. It is a completely real place.

Many of the houses in the game were specially crafted for this experience.

The game features over 10 village houses.

Due to the game being rooted in a real event and location, significant effort has been invested to bring this unique experience to players.


The game is a single-player first-person experience.

To progress in the game, remember to read the notes and watch the cassette tapes.


Due to sudden loud noises and terrifying characters, this game is not recommended for individuals who are easily startled or sensitive.

You can watch the documentary of the real stories behind the game here.

For the trailer, watch this video.

For gameplay videos and in-game solutions, watch here.

To purchase the game, you can access it via this link.

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