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Giant Turtle Sighting in Turkey!

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Mystery and curiosity are deeply rooted in human nature. Throughout history, people have relentlessly pursued the unknown, striving to unravel and understand the secrets of the world. As a result, legends and myths have nourished human imagination and the desire to explore. Humanity has always kept alive the belief in the existence of entities hidden in the depths of nature.

One such belief is in the existence of giant creatures. For thousands of years, people have told stories of enormous beings dwelling on Earth, shared eyewitness accounts, and sought visual evidence. Bigfoots, lake monsters, Mothman, and many other legendary entities have secured their place in humanity’s collective consciousness.

A country like Turkey, known for its rich history and natural beauty, harbors many stories about these mysterious creatures. According to eyewitnesses, claims have been made about giant turtles roaming the mountainous regions of Turkey. However, these claims have generally been met with speculation and questioned for their authenticity.


Recently, however, a video recording has prompted a reconsideration of these ancient legends. A claim that a giant turtle was found in Bingöl and barely captured by security forces recently became a hot topic on social media, spreading through a video recording.

The footage shows a giant turtle being transported on the back of a truck. These images have rekindled the belief in the existence of giant creatures. But are these recordings real, or just a hoax?

The belief in giant creatures is not limited to supernatural legends. The scientific community, both past and present, has proposed theories that giant-sized beings could have lived on Earth. Fossil records confirm the existence of some large animal species, while the search continues for traces of giant creatures that may have yet to be discovered or might have become extinct.

These uncertainties and exciting speculations keep the mystery of the existence of giant creatures alive. This video recording might just be the beginning, and as more evidence emerges in the future, debates over the reality of these mysterious creatures may intensify further.

So, are these images purportedly taken in Turkey real?

This kind of claim had also spread in Turkey/Bingöl 14 years ago. A similar video was published, claiming that a 6-ton turtle had been seen. However, it was later revealed that the videos that started to spread in the 2000s were actually recorded not in Bingöl but in Iran, and that the turtle in these videos was not real but merely a statue.


First, let’s examine this scientifically; the largest turtle in the world is the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea). This species is the largest among sea turtles, can grow up to 2.2 meters in length, and weigh over 900 kg. Leatherback sea turtles are usually found in cold waters and can migrate over long distances by swimming.

The largest land-dwelling turtle species are considered to be the Galapagos tortoises and the Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea) found in the Seychelles. Individuals of these species can weigh up to 250 kilograms and sometimes more. Lonesome George was among the Galapagos tortoises, which can grow up to an average of 1.8 meters and weigh up to 400 kilograms.

Thus, the largest turtles can be about the size of a human. However, the turtle we see in the video is as massive as a truck. Given that we are not in the age of dinosaurs, such growth is scientifically near impossible.

Examine Logically

When we logically examine the video; let’s say such a creature was really captured and taken for examination. Do you think it would be transported openly on the back of a truck for public display, or would it be taken for study in a more secretive manner?

At first glance, skeptics considered the possibility that it could be a statue being transported to an event, but the turtle’s mouth was moving. It seemed alive. However, a detailed examination of the video reveals it to be a brilliantly designed montage.

Can there be a video montage?

The video shows a pickup truck moving through snow-covered mountains, and all the signs encountered along the way seem to indicate Bingöl. However, despite initial appearances, the footage is fictitious. Even though the video is expertly crafted, a closer look at the driver of the pickup truck reveals that they appear more like a product of artificial intelligence than a real person.

Indeed, visual research leads us to the real owner of the video. Uploaded to a YouTube channel on February 15, 2024, this video was created by a visual effects expert named Halit Nur Tartar. In the comments section below the video, we can see Tartar liking praises such as “Very realistic”, “Well done, excellent”, “You’ve done a great job”. This situation becomes one of the most obvious proofs that the video is fake. Access to other creative videos produced by visual effects artist Halit Nur Tartar is also possible. Therefore, claims about the existence of a giant turtle in Bingöl emerge as a fictional story; pointing not to a mystical or legendary narrative, but rather to a skillful fiction work.


Thousands of eyewitness accounts exist for legendary entities like giant creatures, Bigfoots, and lake monsters, and access to numerous pictures and videos is available today. While the existence of such beings remains uncertain, the opportunities offered by modern technology can be both beneficial and bring significant challenges.


One of the biggest handicaps of technological advancements is the difficulty in verifying the authenticity of visual materials. Advanced visual effects and editing techniques increasingly complicate distinguishing between reality and fiction, thus hindering our understanding of the true nature of these entities. With the latest technological advancements, lies can turn into truth, and truth can be covered up with lies.


Even if the video is fictional, this incident not only serves as an example unique to Turkey’s own legends and nature but also exemplifies humanity’s universal quests and curiosity. The belief in giant creatures may be just a tale, but the desire for exploration and discovery in the depths of human nature will continue forever. Therefore, questioning and researching our beliefs in the existence of mysterious creatures will continue as an endless adventure for humanity.

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In conclusion, whether these creatures truly exist will always remain a mystery. Some may wholeheartedly believe in these legends, while others may adopt a skeptical approach. Both perspectives can find their place.

This reminds us of the deep interest in the unknown inherent in human nature and the desire to solve the mysteries of the universe. Whether the video is fictional or real, such stories will continue to be a part of humanity’s collective imagination, urging us to push the boundaries of the unknown, to explore, and to dream. Therefore, beliefs and stories about these uncertain creatures will continue to feed our curiosity and imagination as a reflection of the human spirit of exploration.

Until our next article, stay with love, stay with mystery, and take care…

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