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APARTMENT NO 129: Horror Game Inspired by a True Event

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Turkish game developer Batuhan Gündüz‘s second game will feature the legendary Apartment No 129, a period that reportedly made its mark in Turkey.

Having made a global impact with Y. Village – The Visitors, Gündüz and his team have rolled up their sleeves for new projects.

Batuhan Gündüz, who is also a professional cinema film scriptwriter, will not only produce but also direct and script the game.

The software aspect of the game will again include Latif Güngör, a young talent who worked on the software for Y. Village – The Visitors

Güngör promises that this project will also offer an unforgettable experience. The young talent, ready to bolster his previous successes with this new game, is enhancing the technical infrastructure of the game and promising players a seamless gaming experience.

Batuhan Gündüz: “We Want to Bring Our Cinematic Scene Approach to the Gaming Industry”

Y. Village – The Visitors broke away from the norm with its cinematic scenes, setting a different genre example that was very well received in Europe.

They want to continue this genre in the horror game Apartment No 129

Batuhan Gündüz, who takes on the roles of game producer, director, and scriptwriter, signals that this game will also have cinematic depth.

The cast for the game’s cinematic scenes includes experienced theater actor Erkan Gündüz, Emirhan Öztürk who has been part of many projects, and cinema actor Burak Bican

Young Actor Emirhan Öztürk Shares His Excitement About the Project

Emirhan Öztürk, who discovered Y. Village – The Visitors through a well-known broadcaster’s game review, mentions that being part of the project’s second series is a great honor for him.

He shared his excitement about playing a role in the cinematic scenes of “Apartment No 129” and hopes that the project will be liked and supported by the public.

“I discovered ‘Y. Village – The Visitors’ through a gameplay video by a broadcaster. It will be a proud experience for me to be part of the second series of a project that is cherished by world-famous broadcasters. Being involved in this project, which is on its way to becoming one of Turkey’s most favored horror games on Steam with high user ratings, will be a very special experience for me. Additionally, this will be the first time I participate in the cinematic scene of a game project, which brings a different kind of excitement. Inshallah that the outcome will be a project that our people also like and support.”

What is the Incident of Apartment No 129?

According to reports, in 2009 in the Workers Blocks Neighborhood on 1530th Street in Antalya, two student girls conducted a ritual with candles and candelabras around 01:00 AM.

According to the apartment residents, that night there was a severe earthquake, and all the furniture in the apartment was thrown around while windows were shattered.

The most mysterious aspect of that night was that there was no record of any earthquake or seismic activity. This unexpected situation deeply affected the apartment residents, leading them to decide never to return. However, over time, reports from a few brave individuals who dared to enter added to the mystery of the incident.

These brave individuals reported indescribable, sharp smells inside; windows breaking on their own without any interference; and unexplained symbols and inscriptions on the walls. These chilling details indicate that the mystery of Apartment No 129 needs to be solved.

Scriptwriter Batuhan Gündüz’s Approach Raises Great Curiosity

The mystery behind Apartment No 129 brought to the forefront by Batuhan Gündüz has become a subject of great curiosity among his followers.

However, how scriptwriter and director Gündüz will handle this story in the universe and how he will present the story of this mystery-filled apartment to gamers remains a question mark until the game is released.

The game announced as “Apartment No 129” now has an official page on Steam, and gamers can add it to their wishlists to get information about the game’s release.

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