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Skinwalker Ranch: The Mystery of the Documentarian Who Disappeared on the Ranch

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In our previous episode, we explored the connection between the Navajo tribe and the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch, detailing the events that befell the families residing there, ending with the ranch’s latest visitors, the Sherman couple. Those who haven’t read the first part can find it here.

This episode will reveal whether the claims of the Sherman couple were justified and tell the story of a documentary filmmaker reported missing on the ranch. If your coffee is ready, let’s begin…


The year 1996 passed uneventfully, leading many to start believing that the Shermans were liars. However, history was about to demonstrate the truth of the saying, “truth has a way of revealing itself eventually,” to Bigelow and his team…

1997 began quietly, but on March 9th, the silence of the ranch was broken. Gwen Sherman had not visited the ranch for a long time after the incidents, but on that day, she came to help her husband Terry tag the animals. As they worked, their guard dog suddenly went berserk and began barking towards the farmhouse. Terry and Gwen, stunned, looked towards where the dog was barking and saw the first calf they had tagged limping back and forth as if controlled by some force.

When they reached the calf, they found it lifelessly lying down, with all its internal organs and abdominal cavity removed by an invisible force, leaving only part of its rib cage, its head, and spine. The tagged ear of the calf had also been torn off. Strangely, there were no blood stains on the grass where the animal lay. The incident had happened in broad daylight, near Terry and Gwen. How could 27 kilograms of material be removed from the animal in such a short time?

The veterinarian in the NIDS team noted that the cuts were clean and precise, something no known animal could achieve. Who then, was responsible? Something sinister was lurking on the skinwalker ranch…

March 12, 1997

Three days later, at 11 PM, the team’s trained dogs suddenly began howling and barking at something on the far side of the meadow. Terry and the team, who were inside the observation trailer at the time, quickly got into a 4×4 and rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, they saw a pair of yellow eyes looking at them from atop a distant tree. Terry, unable to control his nerves, shouted, “I won’t let it take another calf!” and aimed his rifle at the entity. However, the creature was unresponsive and seemed unafraid, merely staring back at Terry.

The eyes vanished, and a massive object could be heard falling from the branches. Terry and the team ran under the tree where the entity had been, but found no traces or evidence. Seconds later, Terry shouted, “I see it!” pointing to the entity about 5 meters away. The NIDS team chased after it but were unsuccessful.

Skinwalker Ranch

The creature resembled a dog but was bipedal! Despite searching for an hour, all they found were two large footprints, approximately 35 cm long with large claw indentations, shocking the team. March ended without further incidents, but the guard dogs and other animals continued to act strangely, as if sensing a predatory creature roaming the area.

April 1st saw another calf disappear. On April 2nd, an incredibly bizarre incident occurred.

APRIL 2, 1997

Terry had brought four bulls into the fenced area to feed them, but suddenly they vanished. In a frantic search, Terry found the last four bulls inside an old, unused trailer, quietly standing as if hypnotized. When Terry arrived, they snapped out of it. The NIDS team examined the trailer and noted that getting even one bull into such a tight space would have been extremely difficult and could have taken hours. They also detected high levels of magnetization in the trailer, leading them to notice the magnetic anomalies at the skinwalker ranch.

As April ended, a biochemist on the team investigating some strange marks around the ranch noticed a peculiar musk smell. It sent shivers down his spine because he felt watched by an entity, though it was nowhere to be seen. Thinking it was all in his subconscious, he continued his work. When he mentioned his feelings to a colleague, the colleague confirmed experiencing the same sensations and claimed his compass behaved erratically, pointing in the direction of the smell. These incidents were just the tip of the iceberg…


By August, one of the most terrifying events to date had occurred. Around 3 AM, two team members, Mike and Jim, had climbed a hill in the middle of the ranch with scientific equipment to monitor the area. Although they observed no activity for about three hours and were about to give up, they suddenly saw a strange light appearing in a meadow about 150 meters away. Watching the light, they realized it was slowly growing and that it was actually a portal.

Skinwalker Ranch

As they looked carefully, they saw a large black silhouette crawling from the other side of the portal towards the ranch. The silhouette quickly sprinted into the nearby woods and vanished. The area was again enveloped in that odd musk smell. These occurrences – cattle mutilations, flying objects, strange odors, portals to other places, underground sounds, and mysterious creatures – confirmed the Shermans were not lying. Indeed, the Shermans were right. But where did this portal lead? Was Skinwalker Ranch a gateway to another dimension?

By mid-1998, the frequency of incidents at the ranch had significantly decreased, and by 2004, they had nearly ceased. The team stayed at the ranch until 2004 when the organization was shut down, and they were forced to leave. Despite witnessing many events, they never solved the cause of the paranormal activities.

Skinwalker Ranch

The team managed to capture some events on camera, presented in the documentary ‘Hunt for the Skinwalker,’ but most footage was unclear due to it being at night. Whenever they tried filming, the equipment would malfunction, as if something at the ranch always interfered with their recordings. Bigelow believed the entities haunting the ranch were intelligent life forms. After 1998, activity had waned. By 2004, it seemed almost to have stopped, yet in 2010, a different claim emerged…


The year was 2010. After various documentaries, news articles, and even a film about Skinwalker Ranch, a claim was made that documentary filmmaker Jacob Rundels had vanished without a trace while visiting Skinwalker Ranch. According to the claim, a rancher was preparing to celebrate his son Cody’s 10th birthday at Skinwalker when suddenly, amidst preparations, a large blue light appeared, and Cody disappeared within it. A team of experts from the Modern Defense Enterprise (MDE) was dispatched to investigate the incident, and secret records belonging to journalist Jacob Rundels were found within his private property.

Journalist and documentarian Jacob Rundels was reportedly at Skinwalker Ranch in January 2013 and disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This story is part of the 2013 film ‘Skinwalker Ranch,’ which claims to be inspired by real events and asserts that a person named Jacob truly went missing at the ranch.

Skinwalker Ranch Movie
Interesting Newspaper News

As evidence, they published a newspaper article stating, “An American filmmaker documenting a paranormal ranch in Utah is still missing. Jacob Rundels, a 54-year-old Caucasian male, approximately five feet ten inches tall and weighing around 180 pounds with short dirty blonde hair, vanished while filming a documentary about the Native American legends of Skinwalkers.

His car has been parked at the ranch since January 18. Search and rescue efforts, described as challenging by the police, are ongoing with the help of a helicopter and numerous volunteers. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Utah State Police at 555-5244 or dial 911.”

Skinwalker Ranch

Jacob’s daughter Jen opened a Twitter account, posted a photo with her father before his disappearance, and wrote: “Me and my dad before his disappearance.”

She also stated on her profile that her mission was to rescue her father and that two people knew the truth but were hiding it, which she promised to reveal.

Skinwalker Ranch
So, is the incident real?

According to reports, over the past century, more than 4,000 people have disappeared without a trace on Skinwalker lands, and no other region in the world has experienced so many missing cases.

So, was the Jacob incident real, or was it merely a PR stunt? Whether real or not, the events of the 1990s will always mark Skinwalker Ranch as a mysterious enigma in our minds. We may never solve the riddle, but the question will always linger: was Skinwalker Ranch a gateway for entities from different dimensions? Let’s meet again in the next mystery. For now, continue with your lives as if nothing has happened, just like the Shermans. After all, life goes on, doesn’t it?

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