The Mysterious Houska Castle Built to Close a Gateway to Hell

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Houska Castle, located in the dense forests of the Czech Republic, is known as one of the most famous haunted house stories. It is believed that the castle was built to prevent evil from escaping and to close a gateway to hell.

In our previous episode, we delved into the mystery of Bhangarh Fort. Now let’s move on to another castle famous for its curse…

Today, this site, famous for paranormal activities, is visited by many tourists. Houska is an isolated castle built atop a cliff in the countryside of Prague. Some believe it was deliberately constructed in this manner to imprison evil.

According to Czech legend, there is a gateway to hell where demonic entities are said to emerge to feed on villagers and drag them to the cliff.

During World War II, the castle was occupied by the Nazis who conducted research into the gateway to hell. Is this uniquely structured castle, one of Prague’s most famous haunted sites, really built to close a gateway to hell?

Historians also support the idea that the castle was built as a structure for its inhabitants to combat demonic entities. The mystery of Houska Castle continues to attract tourists interested in mysteries as it remains unsolved to this day. Perhaps there was a passage to our dimension that was being protected to prevent the arrival of evil entities.

There are also a few films, documentaries, and series about Castle.

  • ‘The Houska Castle Enigma’ (2009) is a documentary that focuses on the paranormal activities at Castle.
  • ‘Houska’ (2012) is a short film that tells a horror story set in Castle. ‘Houska Castle’
  • (2016) is a documentary that explores the history and legends of Castle. An episode titled ‘The Door to Hell at Houska Castle’ features in the television series ‘Paranormal Witness’
  • (2011). This episode covers the supernatural events at Castle.

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