Publication Principles

  1. Accuracy and Transparency
    Believe777 follows a rigorous research and verification process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented. Sources are clearly indicated, and all necessary details are provided to enable our readers to independently verify the information.
  2. Impartiality
    Believe777 is committed to reporting news in an unbiased and balanced manner, free from any external pressure or influence. Different perspectives are included, and a variety of voices are heard.
  3. Respect and Sensitivity
    We respect individuals’ private lives in our published content and handle sensitive topics with care. We reject discrimination and stand against all forms of racism, gender discrimination, and other harmful prejudices.
  4. Respect for Copyright
    Believe777 does not use copyrighted materials without permission. All content, including photos, videos, and texts, is either original or used with the appropriate permissions.
  5. Reader Feedback
    We value hearing our readers’ voices and receiving their feedback. Comments, emails, and feedback received through social media are taken into consideration and used to improve our content.
  6. Accountability
    We acknowledge our mistakes and make corrections. In cases where incorrect information is published, we promptly and clearly make corrections and apologize.
  7. Privacy
    We do our best to protect the confidentiality of our sources. Anonymous sources are used only as a last resort and only when the information cannot be obtained otherwise.
  8. Advertising and Sponsorship
    Our advertising and sponsorship content is clearly separated from our editorial content. Sponsored content is always clearly marked and presented transparently to avoid misleading our readers.