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A Terrifying Doll Thought to Be Cursed Was Found in Singapore

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In Singapore, people found a strange-looking toy baby under a tree, its eyes covered with a cloth that read “Bismillah”. “It is claimed that the ‘Bismillah’ written on the baby’s eye cloth is a seal and the curse will pass to the person who opens this cloth.” It is alleged that the baby has been bewitched.

“‘Bismillah’ on the baby’s cloth is a seal; opening it transfers the curse.” It is alleged that the doll has been bewitched.

Those who knew the old owner of this toy stated in their testimonies; they claim that the toy could move on its own, and its owner tried to get rid of this doll several times due to the fear it caused.

The doll speaks Malay words with a middle-aged woman’s voice, as per testimonies. To end the curse, the owner seeks a religious scholar’s help.

Upon witnessing the events, the scholar understands the curse on the doll, and in horror, he covers the baby’s eyes with a cloth upon which he recites and blows prayers, advising that it should never be opened again.

On the day the baby was found, strange events started to occur in the same region, first a suicide and then a murder case, these dates and unfolding events are also confirmed by official police records.

Singaporean religious leaders cannot remain indifferent to the matter, following their investigations, they state that the event seems to involve some kind of sorcery. So, what do you think about this doll?

Cursed items are believed to hold mystical powers and cause disasters. These items are often tied to famous prophecies or dark tales throughout history and have been thought to leave negative effects on their owners.

Objects that ruin people’s lives, bring misfortune, or trigger tragic events have always attracted the curiosity and interest of researchers.

Many dolls worldwide are believed to be cursed, like this doll. We will touch upon cursed toy dolls in our next article. Don’t forget to like our article and share it with your friends.

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